Building an Ecological Tiny House with Natural Materials

Hemcrete tiny house

People all over the world have been using natural materials to build homes and other structures throughout human history. Here, we dig into the differences between conventional and more ecological building materials and discuss three natural building modalities to consider when building a tiny house:  Rammed earth Hempcrete Cordwood Sustainability of building materials: conventional vs. […]

Basics of Foraging and Wildcrafting

chopping wild foraged greens

Have you ever picked wild blackberries? Or delighted at the site of an edible mushroom on the forest floor? If so, you’re a forager! Gathering plants and fungi from wild places is a way to nourish yourself while also enhancing your relationship with the living world. But, it’s important to bring care and respect in […]

How much does it cost to build a tiny house?

class building a tiny house

The idea of building a tiny house is so cool and appealing. It’s like taking your childhood blanket-fort building to the next level, taking a step toward making a smaller ecological footprint, and becoming a homeowner, all at once! But, there are a lot of practical questions that come up.  Indeed, one of the biggest […]