Taking Care of Your Tools

sharpening a knife with a table of sharpening stones laid out

Our tools do so much work for us. The right tool for the job, in good working order, can turn hard work into a pleasure.  Conversely, using the wrong tool, or one that is out of shape, can turn a simple task into a struggle.  Taking time to care for your tools may feel like […]

The Herbal Apprenticeship

herbal apprenticeship laughing in the garden

An Ancient Way of Learning Herbs in the Modern World What is an Herbal Apprenticeship? An herbal apprenticeship is an in-depth learning experience all about plants.  Apprentices live and learn alongside teachers, working with them and getting one-on-one attention and guidance.  Our ancestors shared herbal knowledge this way: they passed it from one generation to the […]

Non-Electric Fresh Food Preservation

old fashioned underground root cellar

How to preserve and store food without using electricity Abundant harvests during this time of year are always fun, but knowing how to store food well into the winter is somewhat of a lost art.  Beyond the refrigerator and freezer, most of us depend on grocery stores and agribusiness for food preservation so we can eat […]