Apprenticeship Voices

It’s a big leap to become a permaculture apprentice.  In fact, it involves a whole life commitment for a period of time.  In addition, it often means moving, and usually means living in rustic conditions.  Apprenticeships involve working hard and meeting your edges.  Doing this is an opportunity to persevere past those edges toward empowerment, […]

Apprenticeship Voices – Interview with Iz

Last spring, Iz was literally days away from beginning a graduate program.  But something wasn’t feeling right about that path, so she switched gears. Instead of grad school, she decided to pursue her passions through a permaculture apprenticeship with Wild Abundance.  Now looking back, she feels strongly that she made the right call. She’s excited […]

Natural Building Course Guide

What is Natural Building, Anyway? Are “natural buildings” all made of mud, with fanciful designs sculpted into them?  Aren’t most houses made of wood, isn’t that natural?  Can a “natural” building also be comfortable and full of modern conveniences like heating and cooling systems and electric lights? Is natural building easier to learn than conventional building? Is […]