PDC (Josh Riley)

“The whole experience was just life changing.”   Josh Riley   Hear more about Josh’s experience on our blog Josh and Rachael – Bringing it Back Home            

PDC (William Moore)

      “Probably the best course of any kind I have ever taken!” William Moore

Tiny House (Mel Shapcott)

  I was really impressed by the depth of the course materials, and the instructor’s ability to accommodate beginner builders, yet remain engaging to advanced students. The blend of instruction time in the open air classroom with hands-on training at a live construction site (not just a demo) provided a firm understanding of how to […]

Women’s Rewilding Weekend (Kate Weschler, 2018)

  The women’s rewilding weekend was nothing short of magical. The instructors were compassionate and facilitated a nurturing space for connection and reflection; I felt so inspired by the depth and naturalness of our conversations. To this day, my heart yearns for the freedom and empathy I experienced at Wild Abundance, and it was this […]