Wildcrafting (Connie/Honey Ng)

“I attended [this] course without any prior knowledge of the subject, and I’ve walked away with so much…The teachers are incredibly knowledgeable, approachable, and accessible. My classmates were kind, inspiring, and so connected. The material is so practical, I’m already putting what I’ve learned into use and will undoubtedly continue to do so…It is essential […]

Tiny House 2018 (Nikita Lukichev)

    “The Tiny House and Natural Building Class was a dream come true for me! The whole experience was well rounded, organized and rolled out. Our instructors were very knowledgeable both in the classroom and on the job site…I would take this course again if I could!”   Nikita Lukichev        

Sally Brown (Earthskills 2018)

  “The Earthskills and Permaculture Course showed me a different way to think and to live. I got exposure to people and concepts I did not know existed and have so much respect for now that I am aware. Literally…this class changed my life (I only wish I had taken it 30 years ago).”   […]

Women’s Basic Carpentry 2016 (Karen Shane)

“This class was really really well planned, well orchestrated, and I left having both had a fantastic time (loads of laughter) and feeling deeply empowered. The setting of just being with women freed me up to ask “stupid questions” and feel anything but stupid… The meals were nourishing and beautiful. The facility was inspiring and well-kept. […]

Hide Tanning (Owen Doll)

  “This class – with all its subtle tips and tricks – made the process of brain tanning extremely clear and concise. Natalie’s expertise is incredible, as her insights surely saved me many hours of work and much frustration. The class was an absolute pleasure, as there is nothing quite like learning to turn a […]