The Campus

The Homestead at Wild Abundance

Nestled in a vibrant Earth-based community in the Southern Appalachian mountains, just 20 minutes north of Asheville, NC, a breath-taking seven acre eco-homestead is the birthplace and residence of Wild Abundance.

edible wild mushrooms

~ Welcome to our sustainable homestead ~

permaculture garden at Wild Abundance school of permaculture and homesteading

Wild Abundance boasts a gorgeous and bountiful leaf-shaped organic permaculture garden, delectable perennial beds, a log cabin built from trees from its own growing forest, a light straw clay porch, cob oven, a stunning wattle and daub outdoor kitchen/classroom featuring a hand-made sun sculpture completed by loving students and dramatic views of the Blue Ridge Mountains. In just five years, what was once a barren piece of land grazed and trampled by cattle is now a thriving homestead fostering native plants, wildlife, a sweet herb garden located strategically near the kitchen, and even a food forest. Every single permaculture principle has been thoughtfully applied to each and every addition to the land, honoring the natural patterns and cycles of life.

Natalie Bogwalker in her permaculture garden at wild abundance school

Natalie Bogwalker, the founder and director of Wild Abundance, has devoted her life to empowering people to live in collaboration with Earth and her natural cycles. Natalie’s tireless efforts demonstrate a real-life example of successfully living off the beauty and abundance of the land.

Most classes are hosted on this dynamic and diverse homestead to give students first-hand experience in organic gardening, natural building, permaculture, hide-tanning and essential Earth-based skills for self-sufficiency.

“This homestead deeply inspires students to dream about what is possible. By living here, I’ve learned ethical and sustainable living is feasible in beautifully simple ways.”
– JJ Bloomfield, 2015 Apprentice

ripe blueberries at the wild abundance permaculture school

It is because of the loving help from neighbors, past students and apprentices, and friends from all over the country that this land has been so quickly and beautifully transformed into a vibrant and distinguished homestead.

It is our hope that Wild Abundance will continue to change the lives of its students and inspire a deep reverence for our sacred and ancient relationship with the land, encouraging others to develop and foster a life that is inherently connected to Earth and her natural cycles.