How to Weed a Garden

Weeding the garden is nobody’s favorite task, but it needs to happen in order to reap an abundant harvest. That’s why learning how to weed a garden efficiently and effectively is especially important. Choosing the right weeding tools is key. We’ll highlight a few of our favorites below. Additionally, weeding in a timely way, before […]

Grow Your Own Mushrooms – Sawdust Spawn vs. Plugs

homegrown shiitake mushroom

Homegrown mushrooms on inoculated logs are a fun and delicious addition to any garden or homestead. We’ve already gone into details about how to grow mushrooms, but here we’re going to focus on the difference between the two main forms of spawn: sawdust spawn and plug spawn.   Want to learn hands-on about mushroom cultivation […]

Herbal-Infused Vinegar

pouring vinegar over herbs in a bottle

Wild greens popping up in the forest and fields are among the first heralds of springtime. One of our favorite things to do with these mineral-rich plants is to make herbal-infused vinegar. It’s easy to do and offers lots of health benefits. What’s more, it’s a tasty way to preserve the freshness of early spring. […]

10 Perennial Vegetables We Love

native perennial wood nettles

  Some vegetable plants come back year after year, without needing to be replanted. No beds to dig, no soil to prepare, just a little weeding and mulching from time to time. Sound too good to be true? Perennial vegetables are pretty amazing. They can be a wonderful addition to any food system, be it […]

Perennial Primer

perennial crops in a diverse permaculture garden

  Perennial crops are some of our favorites. They’re the starlets of the permaculture world for many reasons.  Not the least of which is that once they’re established, they keep giving and giving with (usually) less maintenance than annuals. There are tons of different perennial crops, from giant trees to tiny ground covers. Indeed, each […]