Alexandra Tait

Instructor for Women’s Rewilding

Alexandra Tait is a professional archery instructor, level 2 with USA Archery (the national association). She has been passionate about archery since she was a girl, and her mother gave her her first bow at age 12. She specializes in teaching women and children’s empowerment. Alexandra teaches archery to connect with nature on a deeper level by opening our hearts, learning to focus and igniting our instinctual ferocity.

Alexandra is the archery instructor at The Firefly Gathering. She has taught at UUWoman Spirit Gathering, Michigan Women’s Music festivals, Avalonian Ninefold Gathering, S.E. Women’s Herbal Conference and the Glastonbury Goddess Conference in the UK. A lover of myth and Goddess lore, she has counted 7 Goddesses internationally that use the bow and arrow as their power object.

She is an Interfaith Minister, Fire keeper and “Anam Cara,” or soul friend, in the Celtic tradition and has been practicing healing arts for over 25 years. As a Light Warrior and healer, she helps people track the roots of issues in trance and hunts for missing pieces of their souls to be re-embodied in love. She is known for facilitating past life soul exploration and remembering one’s life purpose.