Josephine “JJ” Bloomfield

Instructor for Women’s Empowerment

During a very reluctant initiation in her late 20’s, JJ dove head first into understanding the feminine mysteries and rites of passage. What once felt hopeless and debilitating became her medicine and her calling. It was during this transition that she learned the power of women gathering, aligned with the natural cycles, holding each other as they journeyed their lives together. JJ’s work is a blend of holding space while encouraging self-discovery. In 2015, she apprenticed with Natalie Bogwalker where she learned how to live in collaboration with the abundance of the mountains and the natural cycles, immersing herself in primitive skills, herbalism, gardening, permaculture, carpentry, homesteading and living off the grid. In 2016, she went on a pilgrimage to England to understand her spiritual and familial roots, meeting and studying the sacred sites, attending ceremonies at Stonehenge, The Tor, Avebury, and at various sacred sites in Cornwall. Currently, she’s apprenticing with Bloom Post, a woman who holds plant ceremonies near Asheville, NC. JJ has a B.A. in Literature from the University of California at Santa Cruz. In another chapter of her life, she worked in animal welfare for 7 years managing the largest free pet adoption event in the United States, and helping hundreds of organizations receive grant funding to implement lifesaving programs to save all of their community’s healthy and treatable shelter dogs and cats. She now shares her life with her community in Barnardsville, alongside her loving partner and his vivacious daughter, growing food, helping out on each other’s homesteads, and re-learning the old ways.