Independent Garden Seed Companies

Woman holding seed packets

We’re excited to share a list of independent garden seed companies from all over the United States. These are companies that we’ve bought from, learned from, and/or been inspired by. It’s by no means an exhaustive list. If you have an addition to suggest, please email us at During this time of food-growing frenzy […]

How to Plant a Tree?

group of people planting a tree together

Planting a tree is a remarkable, rewarding, and fairly simple act. Here’s a guide to help you be successful, so that your efforts (and trees) will have the best chance of bearing fruit. Steps to planting a tree: Dig a hole Prepare and amend the hole Backfill the hole (no kidding!) Plant your tree in […]

Reality Checks for Raising Animals

little girl with a goat smiling

You can raise your own eggs, milk, meat, and more, even in a moderately-sized backyard. Indeed, animals are an important part of land-based living and food security for many people. Along with edible gifts, animals provide other services, too. From manure fertilizer, to help with weed management, to the joy of relationships, small-scale livestock can […]