How to Weed a Garden

Weeding the garden is nobody’s favorite task, but it needs to happen in order to reap an abundant harvest. That’s why learning how to weed a garden efficiently and effectively is especially important. Choosing the right weeding tools is key. We’ll highlight a few of our favorites below. Additionally, weeding in a timely way, before […]

Grow Your Own Mushrooms – Sawdust Spawn vs. Plugs

homegrown shiitake mushroom

Homegrown mushrooms on inoculated logs are a fun and delicious addition to any garden or homestead. We’ve already gone into details about how to grow mushrooms, but here we’re going to focus on the difference between the two main forms of spawn: sawdust spawn and plug spawn.   Want to learn hands-on about mushroom cultivation […]

How to Prune a Fruit Tree – Winter Pruning

woman on orchard ladder pruning and apple tree in winter

Many modern varieties of fruit trees benefit from pruning.  How to prune a fruit tree depends on the age, size, and type of tree, and your desired results.  There are several reasons to prune, including: Shape the tree as it grows Stimulate growth Improve light and airflow around flowers/fruits Remove dead or diseased branches Give […]

Why You Should Plant a Mulberry Tree (or Three)


Whether you have a small suburban backyard or a large farm, we strongly recommend that you plant at least one mulberry tree.  Mulberries are best known for their sweet-tart fruit, which is one of our favorites both fresh and dried.    They are wonderful in other ways, too.  In fact, the leaves are excellent animal […]

Taking Care of Your Tools

sharpening a knife with a table of sharpening stones laid out

Our tools do so much work for us. The right tool for the job, in good working order, can turn hard work into a pleasure.  Conversely, using the wrong tool, or one that is out of shape, can turn a simple task into a struggle.  Taking time to care for your tools may feel like […]