Grow your own sweet potato slips

What are sweet potato slips? Sweet potato slips are the surprisingly diminutive tuber sprouts that grow into sprawling, productive sweet potato plants.   Unlike potato potatoes (a.k.a. Irish taters or white potatoes, Solanum tuberosum), you don’t just cut up sweet potatoes (Ipomoea batatas) and plant them in the ground to grow more of them.  Sweet […]

The Herbal Apprenticeship: An Ancient Way of Learning in the Modern World

What is an Herbal Apprenticeship? An herbal apprenticeship is an in-depth learning experience all about plants.  Apprentices live and learn alongside teachers, working with them and getting one-on-one attention and guidance.  Our ancestors shared herbal knowledge this way: they passed it from one generation to the next.  Few of us have living relatives who maintained such […]

Permaculture Through the Seasons

The Essentials of Homesteading and Permaculture We are living at a critical time in history. This is a time on our planet where we must learn how to live sustainably, and gain the self sufficiency to unplug, at least in part from the grid. Permaculture design is the missing element, one that we all must […]