10 Perennial Vegetables We Love

native perennial wood nettles

  Some vegetable plants come back year after year, without needing to be replanted. No beds to dig, no soil to prepare, just a little weeding and mulching from time to time. Sound too good to be true? Perennial vegetables are pretty amazing. They can be a wonderful addition to any food system, be it […]

Perennial Primer

  Perennial crops are some of our favorites. They’re the starlets of the permaculture world for many reasons.  Not the least of which is that once they’re established, they keep giving and giving with (usually) less maintenance than annuals. There are tons of different perennial crops, from giant trees to tiny ground covers. Indeed, each […]

How to Make Maple Syrup

buckets collecting sugar maple sap to make maple syrup

To make maple syrup, collect sap from sugar maple trees (Acer saccharum) and cook it down. This is done by placing small tubes (also known as “taps” or “spiles”) into shallow holes in the tree’s trunk; they direct the sap into buckets or other receptacles. After collecting it, pour the sap into a large pot […]

Chaga Chai Recipe…And a Bit About Chaga

chaga mushroom

Have you met chaga (Inonotus obliquus)? It’s a medicinal “mushroom,” although technically the part that we use is not a true mushroom. Chaga has been used for health maintenance and healing for millennia. It’s an amazing medicine and happens to also have a pleasant taste. We love putting into into spiced winter “chai” tea blends. […]