Advanced Wild Foraging and Herbal Medicine Class

October 5 - October 8, 2018

Do you yearn to build a deeper relationship with herbal medicine and wild crafting? We’re excited to offer this “next level” herbal medicine class to help you do just that. You’ll learn how to identify and utilize new and exciting herbal allies in their natural habitats. Plus, we’ll give you tools to follow your “herbal intuition” on the path toward healing and connection.

This wild crafting class goes beyond common herbs and simple remedies to help you develop a more profound connection with the world of wild plants.

What to expect in this herbal medicine class:

Over the course of 4 full days, we’ll explore advanced botany and plant ID, cooking with wild foods, wild crafting during the different seasons, and more. Our instructors have been immersed in the plant world for decades. Consequently, their passion and wisdom is infectious. What’s more, they’re equipped to answer your more complex questions about botany, wild foods, foraging, medicine making and herbal preparations.

You’ll learn to:

  • Turn acorns into delicious and nourishing food
  • Connect with the energetic medicine of plants
  • Trust your herbal intuition
  • Make flower essences
  • Figure out trickier plants that are hard to ID
  • Incorporate wild crafting and foraging into your life throughout the cycles of the seasons
  • Harvest and utilize medicinal mushrooms
  • Cook with wild foods and make them a significant part of your diet

Are you ready for this class?

This advanced wild foraging and herbal medicine class is for those who have some prior knowledge and training. Ideally, students will come with an understanding of basic botany and plant ID. In addition, familiarity with using wild plants for food and medicine will help students get the most out of this class.

One fantastic way to get up to speed and prepare for this advanced herbal training is to take our Wildcrafting and Medicine Making Intensive. In fact, pairing the two classes is a great choice for anyone wanting to dive deeply into herbal healing and wild crafting. Together they’ll give you a comprehensive knowledge base, including all the skills you’ll need to gather, grow, process and use many diverse wild foods and medicines.  We offer a discount when you register for both classes together, see below.

Empower yourself in this herbal medicine class to gather and prepare what you need to stay healthy and vibrant.

Why wild crafting?

Wild crafting could be the oldest human endeavor. After all, every animal on this planet has some kind of relationship with wild plants. Somewhere deep inside, each of us yearns for this connection to the undomesticated world. Learning to forage for food and medicine builds a bridge between our modern experience and the instinctual, natural parts of ourselves

In fact, our bodies respond particularly well to wildcrafted medicines and foods when they’re harvested from pristine environments. This is because wild plants have to struggle to survive, and they concentrate medicinal compounds and nutrients to do so. In addition, plants that haven’t been bred for commercial goals retain their undomesticated characteristics. Oftentimes, these “wild” properties are particularly healing and nutritious.

Furthermore, foraging and wild crafting gets us out into wild places. And, in contrast to simply “taking a hike,” going into the woods, mountains and meadows with an eye for wild plants keeps us observant and attuned.

Wild crafting classes bring out the intuitive healer in everyone; when we get out into the wilderness, we remember a part of ourselves that knows how to be well.


Natalie Bogwalker

Founder and Director of Wild Abundance; Instructor for Hide Tanning, Permaculture & Gardening, Homesteading, Foraging & Medicine Making, Carpentry & Natural Building, Rewilding, and Women’s Empowerment Natalie is the founder and director of the Wild Abundance.  She’s passionate about teaching and sharing skills that are essential for living harmoniously within the natural systems of the ...

Becky Beyer

Instructor for Rewilding, Women’s Empowerment, and Foraging & Herbal Medicine Becky started her crazy love affair with all things homesteading while growing up on a farm in central New Jersey. After getting her B.S. in Plant and Soil Science from the University of Vermont, she moved to Asheville, NC, to explore all the amazing work ...

Amber Swaim

Instructor for Foraging & Herbal Medicine Amber migrated from her childhood home in Homer, Alaska in search of warmer pastures. She landed in the rich mountainous fold of Western North Carolina where she currently farms, forages and plays with her sweetie, their two spritely young boys and baby girl. Inspired by the woodland squirrels, fairies, ...

Luke Cannon

Instructor for Foraging & Herbal Medicine and Permaculture & Gardening More than a botanist, Luke is a long-time pursuer and teacher of the magic and medicine of plants. His passion to study and understand the beautiful ecological intricacies of the natural world have led him throughout the Americas and across the globe. An avid naturalist, ...

Marc Williams

Instructor for Foraging & Herbal Medicine and Permaculture & Gardening Ethnobiologist Marc Williams has taught hundreds of classes to thousands of people about plants, humans, other life forms and their interface. His training includes a B.A. in Environmental Studies/Sustainable Agriculture from Warren Wilson College with a minor in Business and a M.A. in Appalachian Studies/Sustainable ...

Osker Brown

Instructor for Homesteading and Permaculture & Gardening Osker and his family manage Glorious Forest Farm in Madison county, where the goal is to re-establish humans as a responsible keystone species. Osker works toward appropriate land-management strategies that support vital ecosystems while meeting human needs. This work involves deepening relationships with nutrient dense wild foods like ...

Local Accommodations

While some locals prefer to commute to Wild Abundance from Asheville, students from the area and out of town are welcome to pitch a tent in one of our flat camping spots in the woods or field, or to tie a hammock in the forest on our seven-acre property. We strongly suggest bringing a very warm sleeping bag and bedding. We do have a fully functioning outdoor kitchen and bathroom, though in extremely cold weather, sometimes one or both are out of operation due to the water freezing.

If you prefer something more conducive to creature comforts, we suggest browsing Airbnb or checking out some of the local motels and B&Bs within a 10-15 minute drive to Wild Abundance.

Below are a few local accommodations you might find to your liking:

Comfort Inn in Mars Hill, NC

Registration Info

We strive to make our classes accessible to those who wish to learn. There is a sliding scale available for this class shown by the below tuition range. Pay what you can afford according to your own financial situation.

The following are included in the price of the course: instruction, optional camping, and facility use (kitchen, bathroom).


October 5-8, 2018

  • Early-Early Bird Price: Now – August 17, 2018: $400-$600
  • Early Bird Price: August 18 – September 14, 2018: $500 – $800
  • Late Bird Price: September 15 – October 4, 2018: $500 – $900

Herbal Medicine Class package:

Wildcrafting and Herbal Medicine Intensive PLUS Advanced Wild Foraging and Herbal Medicine Class

  • Early Bird Price: Now  – August 17, 2018: $925 – $1525
  • Late Bird Price: August 18 – September 26, 2018: $925 – $1525

The following are included in the price of the course: instruction, optional camping, and facility use (kitchen, bathroom).

To register, please complete the online registration by clicking on the “Register Now” button and then make your payment. Registration will be processed upon receipt of payment.

Expect to receive a confirmation email within one week of sending payment. Additional emails will cover logistical details as the date approaches.

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