Advanced Women’s Carpentry

July 15 - July 18, 2021

July 15-18 (FULL) or October 21-24 (NEW)

PLEASE NOTE: Because our classroom is outdoors and we require masks at close distance, we feel confident that all classes will run in 2021. If conditions change and we need to adjust, we will notify students immediately. For more info on classes during covid, see our refund policy and our protocols and procedures

Learn to design and build your own buildings from the ground up!

We’ve had such an awesome experience with our Women’s Basic Carpentry Class, that we decided to offer something to take students to the next level. In the basic class, we cover how to use basic tools and design simple projects. Students get to practice these skills and get really comfortable with them. This class builds on that foundation.

PLEASE NOTE: Due to the global coronavirus pandemic, some classes may need to be rescheduled or moved online, for safety. We’re heeding the recommendations of our county governance and the CDC. At this time we are not offering refunds if the timing or structure of your class changes in response to this crisis. We are offering transfers to other in-person and online classes, if rescheduled dates don’t work for you. For more information, see our revised refund policy

The advanced women’s carpentry class empowers students to design and build structures with confidence

Please note that our Advanced Women’s Carpentry Class is only available to those who have already taken the Women’s Basic Carpentry Class. We will be running several sessions of the basic class in 2021, including: April 22-25(FULL), May 20-23(FULL), July 8-11 (FULL), August 5-8(FULL), September 2-5(FULL), October 14-17(FULL), and June 21-24 (COMING SOON!)

drawing of woman with hammer

framing a floor in a women's carpentry course

Day 1: Creating Foundations and Floors

We will introduce students to many types of foundations, including: slab on grade, rubble trench, block, stone, and post. During this day, students will learn about laying out a building properly by using batter boards. Plus, we’ll work on either pouring (a) concrete footer(s), or installing a floor.

women doing woodworking

Day 2: Building Walls

Students will learn about the distinctions, advantages, and disadvantages of various wooden-framed wall systems, including: timber frame, post and beam, and “stick-framed,” or “stud” (referring to a vertical board, not a male identified person who likes to strut around) walls. Additionally, we’ll explore different siding and paneling options. During this phase, students will get their eyes and hands all over various systems. Then, we’ll work on real, live walls, and learn how to build, erect, side, insulate, and panel them.

woman using a speed square for carpentry

Day 3: More Walls and Planning Roofs

The morning will begin with a talk on various roof shapes and framing systems. We’ll include a discussion of the advantages and disadvantages of various roofing materials. Then, students will get to work on a real, live roof.

door trim carpentry project

Day 4: The Finishing Touches

We will finish installing the roof and work on filling in rough openings made on the wall day with windows. Depending on the structures we are building, we may may install a door. Plus, depending on how the class has gone, and the needs of the projects, we might even delve into the complex and rewarding world of stairs.

Bonus Online Lectures: Foundations, Walls, Roof Systems

Within 1 week of registering for this class, you’ll receive access to an online lecture series covering foundations, walls, and roof systems. In these in-depth discussions, you’ll learn the theory behind some of the most important parts of structural building. We ask students to watch the lectures in preparation for the class, whenever is convenient. You’ll have unlimited access to this material, so you can refer back to it as you embark on your own projects.

The priority during this class is not progress on buildings, but rather women truly learning carpentry skills and feeling comfortable

We put a lot of effort into making sure that there will be building projects at various phases in order for students to learn about the different parts of a building. Depending on the comfortable pace of the class, and the whims of the building goddesses (or god, depending on your spiritual leanings), some of the specific projects might change.

We work hard to assure a balance between breadth and depth. Meaning, our goal is that each student understand the big concepts and principles, while also building competence in each step. Everyone will get to explore various different projects, get her hands on a lot of tools, and feel a sense of satisfaction at the end of the class.


Natalie Bogwalker

Natalie Bogwalker

Natalie is the visionary behind Wild Abundance, as well as a primary instructor for many classes. She’s passionate about teaching and sharing skills to help all kinds of people live in an empowered and Earth-centered way. Natalie and her family live at the Wild Abundance homestead campus in the Southern Appalachians. She balances her time ...

Ella Scotto

Ella took a carpentry class with Wild Abundance in 2017. After that, she bought an acre of land in Barnardsville, NC, and began building a house. For over a year, she worked with Barron Brown, learning everything she could about carpentry and construction. Ella is always eager to learn more, and is constantly honing her carpentry ...

Our Campus is Unconventional

aerial view of Wild Abundance permaculture homestead campus
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Local Accommodations

Wherever you’re coming from, you’re welcome to pitch a tent in one of our flat camping spots in the woods or field, or to tie a hammock in the forest on our seven-acre property. If you live locally, you may prefer to commute to Wild Abundance from Asheville (25 minute drive). If you choose to camp, please bring your own bedding and rainproof tent or tarp. In the early spring and late fall it can be cold at night, so please bring warm bedding if you’ll be here before May or after September. We have a lovely outdoor kitchen equipped with a stove and running water, an outdoor shower, and an outhouse available to campers.  In extremely cold weather, the sink and shower may be out of operation due to water freezing.

If you prefer something with more creature comforts, we suggest you browse Airbnb for numerous options close to the campus. You can also check out local motels and B&Bs within a 10-15 minute drive to Wild Abundance. We’ll send a list of links to several options (with varying amenities and prices) in a welcome letter upon registration.

Registration Info

We strive to make our classes accessible to those who wish to learn. Please pay on the sliding scale what you can afford, given your income.

July 15-18(FULL) and October 21-24(NEW)

Pricing for Advanced Women’s Carpentry Only

Please note that our Advanced Women’s Carpentry Class is only available to those who have already taken the Women’s Basic Carpentry Class, either this year or in previous years. We will be running several sessions, including: April 22-25(FULL), May 20-23(FULL), July 8-11 (FULL), August 5-8 (FULL), September 2-5 (FULL), October 14-17(FULL), and June 21-24 (COMING SOON!).

Early-Early Bird Pricing: January 1 – January 9, 2021: $600 – $900
Early Bird Pricing: January 10 – April 1, 2021: $650 – $1150
Regular Pricing: April 2 – July 15, 2021: $700 – $1,200

Includes Basic and Advanced Women’s Carpentry – All Basics Sessions are Full! 

Please note that our Advanced Women’s Carpentry Class is only available to those who have already taken the Women’s Basic Carpentry Class.We will be running several sessions, including:April 22-25(FULL), May 20-23(FULL), July 8-11 (FULL), August 5-8 (FULL), September 2-5 (FULL), October 14-17(FULL), and June 21-24 (COMING SOON!).

Regular Pricing:  $1,550 – $2,500

The following are included in the price of the course: instruction, optional camping, and facility use (kitchen, outhouse). 

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