Online Gardening School

Are you ready to grow some serious food? This six-month online video course will give you the skills and tools you need to be able to grow a garden for yourself, from the ground up.

Online Self Sufficiency School

Learn how to do, make, and grow for yourself. Gardening, wild foods, permaculture, simple living, food preservation and more. Flexible, accessible online courses.

Advanced Permaculture Practicum

woman harvesting echinacea flowers in a permaculture garden

Get hands-on experience with applied permaculture in water systems, earthworks, orchards and food forests. You’ll be guided by seasoned practitioners who can answer more complex questions and show you the nitty gritty of how to approach projects and get them done effectively.

Earthskills and Permaculture Immersion

Earn your PDC and change your life. One 3-day weekend-a-month for 8 months. Build community and let the knowledge sink in. Learn permaculture, earthskills, building, wild foods, forest gardening, how to live a life of purpose, and more, near Asheville, NC.

Permaculture Design Course

permaculture design certification course banner

This permaculture class empowers students to become effective ecological designers and planners. You will come out of this class with deep knowledge about creating forest gardens, ecology, permaculture principles, plant species and variety choices, holistic forestry, and more.