Are you ready to transform a deer hide into buckskin with your own hands?

The online hide tanning course is a video-based program that guides aspiring hide tanners through every step of tanning a deer hide using the wet-scrape brain tan method.  Your guide on this journey, deer hide alchemist Natalie Bogwalker, has led hundreds of students through the otherwise confounding process of tanning hides.

Check out the video above to learn more about the class, what it covers, who we are, and how tanning hides will enrich your life. 

What Is Brain Tanning?

Brain tanning is the ancient art of transforming a rawhide (sometimes stinky, and definitely prone to rot if you don’t intervene) into a soft, supple, useable buckskin. You actually use the deer’s brains as a key ingredient in the tanning process (don’t worry, if you don’t have brains on hand, you can use egg yolks).  A lot of skillful technique and physical effort are required, and at the end, smoke is used to preserve the softened hide that results from the brains and your brawn.

Indigenous people on every inhabited continent practiced some form of brain tanning; many of them still do.  It’s also totally natural and completely non-toxic, unlike many modern tanning techniques.

stretching a deer hide for brain tanning

Why Learn to Brain Tan?

When you know how to brain tan, a discarded deer hide becomes a valuable, useful resource. The buckskin (leather) made through this process is uniquely strong, supple, durable, breathable and  deliciously smoky smelling. It’s quite unlike anything that’s available commercially.

deer hide with hair on

Not only is the product of brain tanning wonderfully cool, the process itself is also rewarding and magical.  It’s an enriching thing to do on your own – or with friends and family – including children.   We’ve had families work on hides together, and our youngest official student was 12 years old at the time.

Brain tanning is a family affair


Tanning a hide deeply connects you to the natural world.  Many of our students have felt personally transformed by hide tanning, and we bet you will too!  


proud tanner with brain tanned buckskin


How the Online Hide Tanning Course Works

In a series of detailed videos, broken up into 15 very doable sections, we walk you through the process of brain tanning a hide, step by step.  The comprehensive course manual works in tandem with the videos as a written reference that includes photos and diagrams. We suggest that you use your phone, tablet or laptop to watch the classes while you are actually tanning your hide.

scraping deer hides

We’ve talked with lots of folks who have attempted brain tanning with just a book as their guide.  It generally takes them weeks’ worth of work before they get to anything resembling a finished buckskin.  Brain tanning a deer hide with the guidance of this online course can be done in 3-4 days, but you don’t have to complete it start-to-finish all at once.  

In both our course manual and video collection, we highlight points in the process when you can put your hide on pause, which means hide tanning can fit in with the rest of your life.  It’s a wonderfully unique benefit of the online course.

stretching a hide for brain tanning

What Makes This Online Hide Tanning Course Exceptional?

deer track  Amazing Quality

The videography and attention to detail are stunning.  This makes the content easy to understand and follow. Free videos on the subject tend to be poor quality and often skip over many important steps of brain tanning. Our course was finely crafted from hundreds of hours of footage.  It’s been distilled down to a much more manageable 12 hours of pertinent instruction.

deer track  Comprehensive, Quality Content

With both the in-depth videos and comprehensive manual, this course covers the bases.  It’s got all the guidance you need to be successful, starting with your first hide. Brain tanning is a tactile skill and the videos really bring each part of the process to life in a way that books and other written instruction cannot.  Because the course material is yours for life, it becomes a searchable reference for your whole hide tanning career.

deer track  Extraordinary Support

We give students more than two months of responsive, personalized support after they sign up for the course.  This will get you well through annual fall hunting season. Our support includes bi-weekly live videos in which your questions are answered by an extremely experienced tanner.  We also have highly responsive technical support.

deer track  Many, Many Years of Experience

We’ve been tanning hides for a long time.  Not only that, but we’ve been teaching hide tanning for quite a while, too.  This experience has given us much insight as to what tends to trip people up, what kinds of questions arise and how different people approach tanning.   We’ve used our knowledge, plus that of our teachers, to tailor your hide tanning experience to be crystal clear and free of mysteries.

deer track  Community of Fellow Tanners

Our students tend to be extraordinary humans.  We are honored to host online discussions amongst those who are taking the course, including photo-swapping and tip-sharing.  We welcome you to get to know each other, we know you’ll learn so much from one another’s experience.

deer track  We sell hides and gear (if you need them)

Not everyone has access to a deer hide and brains.  Don’t worry. We have a limited number of fleshed and dried hides, ready to tan, that we offer exclusively to students of our online course (for $65, including shipping to the continental US).  We’ll also sell, or can point you in the direction of, all the specialized tools that you’ll need for tanning. It’s likely you’ll be able to scrounge up these items locally for free or cheap if you have a little time to hunt around.


brain tanned buckskin in the garden

“Thank you so much for offering the hide-tanning class. It was a wonderful and unforgettable experience. I came expecting just to learn new skills but I left with…a new passion and a new-found appreciation for hide-tanning. It was so fun and enriching working with people of all different ages and skill levels. There was plenty of time to get to know the group and share stories and laughter while working on our hides. The instructors made it really easy to understand and were available for plenty of one-on-one help. At the end of three days, they had helped us all turn our hides into beautiful works of art and left us with the knowledge to continue on our own! Hide tanning at Wild Abundance is an experience that anyone will enjoy and leave wholly enriched.” – (Trudie Henninger, 2015)


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