Elizabeth Díaz

Elizabeth Díaz, instructor of permaculture design at Wild Abundance

Elizabeth Díaz (she/her) has been getting her hands dirty in Western North Carolina since 2004. After graduating from Warren Wilson College in 2006 with a made-up degree in “Social and Activist Theater,” she soon began pursuing a life more deeply connected to food and other basic human needs. In April 2010, she began a love affair with cows while work-exchanging on a farm at Earthaven.

Elizabeth now runs a small subsistence farm in the community, where, along with the support of many others, she tends to a variety of animals and the plants and land that feed them.

Elizabeth’s father came to the U.S. from Cuba in 1959, her mother’s father came here from Sweden on a ship transporting prisoners of war during World War II, and her maternal lineage came to the U.S. from the Netherlands and Sweden. She grew up in the Appalachian foothills of Middletown, Maryland.

Elizabeth is dedicated to a life of feeding that which feeds her. In addition to animal agriculture, she is involved in Earthaven community governance and death care midwifery.