Learn about tiny house living from people actually doing it!

Man plays banjo outside tiny house

With this free online class, you’ll meet several different people who live in tiny houses of various sizes and configurations, visit some of their houses, and hear about what it’s really like living in a tiny house. 

This class includes:

Two people on rocking chairs on the porch of a tiny house

  • Three in-depth video tours of tiny houses with their designers/builders/dwellers
  • Access to a live panel discussion with folks who are living in tiny houses, many of whom built and designed their homes. You’ll be able to ask questions and get the real-deal scoop on living in a tiny house. A recording of the panel will be uploaded into the online classroom. 
  • A video discourse with Rob Greenfield on simple and sustainable living in a tiny house
  • Over 2 hours of content
  • Lifetime access 

Hear from a wide range of experiences with tiny house living

woman living in a tiny house

From a 60 square foot tiny-tiny house with a separate mobile outdoor kitchen, to standard 200-300 ft tiny houses, and a not-so-tiny log cabin that has grown, with additions and new family members, to over 600 square feet, we cover a wide range of tiny house experiences.

In this class you get to see and explore features of three distinct handmade tiny homes. This includes touring them with the people who built them and live in them, hearing about the building process, materials, what they would do differently, and what it’s like to live tiny. The tours cover subjects like:

  • Smart design to make small spaces joyfully functional
  • Space saving techniques
  • Up-cycling materials
  • Utilizing outdoor spaces
  • Storage

Plus, our friend and colleague, activist and humanitarian Rob Greenfield shares ideas, reflections, and a realistic discussion about why downsizing can be beneficial for the planet and our personal wellbeing, and how it can be challenging.

The tours and discourse are excerpts from our extremely comprehensive online Tiny House Academy.

Insider info on living in a tiny house – Panel discussion

Wednesday, September 7th from 6 – 8 pm EST via Zoom

living in a tiny house class speakers

Get your questions answered about what it’s really like living in and/or building a tiny house from folks who have really done it. We’ll discuss the following questions, plus others from the audience:

  • How affordable is it, really, to build your own tiny house?
  • How do you take care of bathroom and toilet needs for your tiny house?
  • What was your timeline for design, build, and move in?
  • I need alone time, is it really possible to live with my partner/spouse in a tiny house?
  • Which is better for me, mobile, or non-mobile?
  • Are there daily annoyances or challenges of living tiny?

The reality of living in a tiny house

saving space in a tiny house

Tiny house living isn’t always as glamorous as it looks in the image-enhanced world of Pinterest and Instagram. Throughout this class, during the panel and tours, we’ll discuss some of the challenges that can arise, along with recommendations for overcoming them. We’re not here to sell you a tiny house, but rather to support you on your journey toward sustainability, personal empowerment, and right-sized living that’s in line with your values. 

What it’s like to build your own tiny house

What’s special and different about this class is that each person we feature doesn’t just live in a tiny house, most of them have also built their homes with their own hands. As a result, each tour and discussion is infused with the broader experience of what it’s like to build your own tiny home. 

woman using a chisel to build a tiny house

None of these folks are professional builders, but all of them felt motivated by the creativity and hands-on learning that building a tiny house would entail. The results are beautiful, unique, and inspiring. 

Tour these unique tiny homes

beautiful and whimsical tiny house kitchen and lounge

Whimsical and artsy tiny house on wheels

Built by a crafty artist with help from his contractor dad. Some fun features of this tour include:

  • Lots of reclaimed materials
  • Rooftop deck
  • Curved roof line
  • Artsy flair

natural building tiny house office

Not-so-tiny log cabin with additions

Built by Wild Abundance founder and director Natalie Bogwalker, with help from students and instructors, utilizing locally sourced materials. Some fun features of this tour include:

  • An assortment of natural building techniques on display
  • Passive solar design elements
  • Wood-fired hot water heater
  • Unconventional bathtub placement
  • Seasonal outdoor bedroom

god living in a tiny house with a loft

Simple and lovely tiny house built on skids (mobility without the expense of a trailer).

This was begun as part of a class here at Wild Abundance and finished (with help) to suit her own needs by the avid crafter who lives there. Some fun features of this tour include:

  • Get an extra 2 square feet of primo space with a garden window!
  • Covered porch add on
  • Small solar electric system
  • Lightweight and beautiful lauan (high-grade, thin plywood) interior paneling

Reflections and guidance on making the move toward tiny living

Rob Greenfield living in a very small tiny house

Downsizing can sound great, and also feel daunting. In his discourse on simple and sustainable living in a tiny house, Rob Greenfield shares personal stories of buying, building, and living in several tiny homes all around the world. Then, he offers guidance on creating a tiny house living situation that works for your unique needs and environment. Finally, he offers a realistic discussion of the sacrifices and challenges, along with the benefits and beauty of simple, smaller living. 

Living in a tiny or not-so-tiny house can be great with thoughtful, honest preparation

living in a tiny house and cooking

Our hope is that this class gives you a sense of the reality of living in a tiny house. It can be great when you plan well, get clear with your needs, and take time to do things beautifully. It’s also a big step away from what most people are used to, and requires flexibility, adaptation, and creativity. Living in a tiny house isn’t for everyone, and going for it without knowing what you’re getting yourself into can can be a costly and disappointing move. 

May what we share here help you clarify your next steps toward building, living in, or simply checking out some real-life tiny homes and a thoughtful, sustainable lifestyle to match. 


Keenan Phillips

Keenan (he/him) had always dreamt of building his own home one day and finally embarked on that journey 6 years ago. It’s still a work in progress, but it caught the attention of friends and neighbors and resulted in the accidental creation of his small construction/renovation business, KSPhillips Contracting. He is now assisting a friend ...
Jewel Pearson

Jewel Pearson

Jewel D. Pearson/Ms. Bohemian Soul (she/her). After downsizing her homes and lifestyle over the course of 10 years, Jewel designed and built a beautiful tiny house, in May of 2015, that she calls home. Her home represents a desire that many have to reduce their ecological footprint and focus more on practices of intentional living, ...
Rob Greenfield

Robin Greenfield

Robin Greenfield (he/him) is an activist and humanitarian dedicated to leading the way to a more sustainable and just world. He embarks on extreme projects to bring attention to important global issues and inspire positive change. His work has been covered by media worldwide including National Geographic and he’s been named “The Robin Hood of ...

Quetzal Jordan

Originally from British Columbia, Canada and raised in Tampa FL, much of Quetzal’s (she/her) time is currently spent side by side with Mel Chin a conceptual visual artist in Burnsville, North Carolina. Quetzal’s day to day experience consists of her making and installing sculpture art, utilizing such skills as carpentry, welding, masonry and basic construction. ...

Jenna Spesard Kausal

Jenna Spesard Kausal (she/her) built a Tiny House in 2013, and then travelled more than 25,000 miles with her home in tow over the next few years. During that time, she taught build workshops for Tumbleweed Tiny House Company, hosted a Tiny House show on HGTV, and started the YouTube channel & blog: Tiny House ...

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