Refunds, Payment Plans, Scholarships and Worktrade

*We have revised our refund policy in response to the global coronavirus pandemic – see below*

Wild Abundance is passionate about sharing skills and knowledge. We work to make our classes accessible to everyone who wants to learn, while also providing fair wages and compensation to our staff, instructors, and collaborators.


We do not issue refunds for tuition payments. Wild Abundance is a small business that relies on tuition payments in order to offer our classes and programs. Often, the contribution of just one or two students will put us past the break-even point of covering our costs.  With this in mind, please be sure that you will be able to attend a class before registering. 

Coronavirus Refund Policy

Updated December 14, 2020

We acknowledge that the spread of coronavirus and COVID-19 are serious and can feel scary. As a result, we’ve amended our refund policy accordingly to include transfers. We hope these changes will accommodate the needs of our students during this crisis.  

  • If we are not able to run a class, due to safety or local regulations, it will either be rescheduled and/or taught in an online format (this is unlikely because our classroom is outdoors, but who knows what the future holds).
  • No refunds are available for classes that change in timing or format, however we are willing to work with you to transfer your credit to another class if a rescheduled time doesn’t work for you.
  • If you are not able to attend a class due to COVID-19, we offer one free transfer to another date of the same class, or to a different class**. We do not issue refunds if you can’t attend due to COVID-19.

**If the transfer is to a different class with a lower registration fee, we do not issue cash refunds, but you will be able to apply your credit to future classes with us. If you transfer to a class with a higher registration fee, you will be responsible for paying the difference. Additional transfers (if you want to transfer the credit again) will be charged a $75 transfer fee.

Payment Plans

Payment plan options are available for some classes so that you can spread the cost out over time and break it up into more manageable chunks. We generally ask folks on a payment plan to pay, in total, a “middle” price on the sliding scale. Additionally, we will add a $75 admin fee to your total. This is for two reasons: first, payment plans are riskier for us because students may drop out of a class after making only one or two payments; second, keeping track of payments made, and reminding folks to make payments is more work on our part.


Our scholarship program focuses on building social and racial equity by sharing our offerings with Black, Latinx, Indigenous people, and People of Color (BIPOC). We occasionally offer scholarships to other groups based on financial need and/or involvement in community projects. 

We understand that the advantages white people hold are a direct result of the exploitation of BIPOC, including their skills, knowledges, lands, labor, and other valuable resources. Additionally, we acknowledge that People of Color face institutional, cultural and socioeconomic barriers to “coming back to the land” and learning skills for self-sufficiency. These barriers are the result of biased and violent systems of power that explicitly undermine and marginalize BIPOC and deny them access to land, education, safety, and other resources.

Our intentions behind offering equity scholarships are to: 

  • Provide access to these skills for people who otherwise might not have the opportunity, due to the above mentioned systems, structures, and barriers.
  • Support the representation and participation of BIPOC in the worlds of earth-based skills.
  • Make a small but concrete offering towards acknowledgement and restitution to the communities who have been exploited for the material gain of white people and white culture, and from whom much of what we teach has been taken without consent.

In-Person Classes with Scholarship Opportunities:

Permaculture Design Course, Women’s Rewilding Retreat, Women’s Basic Carpentry

To apply for a scholarship for an in-person class, click here

Online Classes with Scholarship Opportunities:

Online Gardening School, Online Tiny House Class, Online Hide Tanning

To apply for a scholarship for one of our online classes, please visit the individual class page, where you will find a link to a scholarship application.

Worktrade (for in-person classes only)

Another way that we make our classes more financially accessible is by offering worktrade opportunities. This means that instead of paying money for some or all of the class registration fee, you pay with your time and labor. When filling out the registration page for a given class, you can easily indicate that you want to register as a worktrader. If you do, you’ll automatically be redirected to a worktrade application after you complete the general form. On that worktrade application, you’ll find details about hours, deposits, etc. You can also find this information on the chart below.

We offer full worktrade opportunities for some classes, meaning you will only be asked to pay a small admin fee and you’ll work off the cost of registration. For other classes, partial worktrade is available. In this case, you’ll be asked to pay a portion of the registration with money, and work off the remainder.

Many worktrade activities are not glamorous and may be repetitive and/or strenuous. We try to match worktrade tasks with interest and ability as best we can. Our goal is to focus on utilizing the skills that the worktrader comes to the job with. Worktrade is a great help to us; managing worktraders (scheduling, directing, etc.) is also work on our part. We ask for your patience, understanding and flexibility if you decide to worktrade for a class.

Payment plans for partial worktrades incur a $50 payment plan fee (see “Payment Plans” for our rationale for the fee).

Is Worktrade Right for You?

Please carefully consider the following information as you decide whether or not to register for the worktrade program. 

  • Our regular work days onsite at Wild Abundance are only on Wednesdays from 10-2 in the cool season, and from 4-8 in the warm season. 
  • We only recommend worktrade to locals with reliable transportation, since it requires weekly commuting (see exceptions for certain specialized skills). 
  • You cannot complete your worktrade hours during class. Our class days are long, comprehensive, and can be intense. Not only will there be little time to complete your worktrade during class, but we want you to focus on your learning experience! 
  • We occasionally accept distance or custom worktrades if you have specialized skills to offer (e.g. massage, woodworking, marketing, photography, teaching, etc). If you have a proposal for a custom worktrade, please email to see if we have a place for your skills at Wild Abundance.

Required Worktrade Hours, Fees, and Deposits

Please note that worktrade is not available for all classes or sessions.

Class Name Tuition Price (Low End) Tuition Price (High End) # of Sessions Available Positions* Partial WT Hours Partial WT Tuition
Women’s Basic Carpentry $600  $1,000  5 3 24 $350
Advanced Women’s Carpentry  $600  $1,000  1 1 24 $350
Combined Women’s Carpentry  $1,125  $1,825  1 1 41 $613
Tiny House & Natural Building Intensive  $1,400  $2,200  2 1 54 $800
Permaculture Design Course  $1,279  $2,079  1 2 53 $790
Women’s Rewilding Weekend  $500  $900  1 1 20 $300
Brain Tanning  $500  $900  1 1 20 $300
Wildcrafting & Medicine Making  $550  $1,000  2 1 24 $350
Survival Skills Intensive  $600  $1,000  1 1 24 $350
Combined Fall Wildcrafting & Survival Skills  $1,075  $1,775  1 1 40 $588

*Available positions includes positions available for 2021, not positions available per session. For example, if five Women’s Basic Carpentry sessions are listed and two positions are listed as available, that means that we are accepting two work trades for Basic Carpentry in 2021. This does not mean that there are two positions per session or ten positions in 2021.

If you have any further questions about refunds, payment plans or work-trade please email them to: