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Black woman using a palm sander to sand the bookshelf she made in a basic carpentry class

Women's Basic Carpentry

This class is intended to get ladies up-to-speed on basic building skills, working with wood, and using hand tools as well as power tools. Focus is placed on ... creating a safe, comfortable, relaxed and fun learning environment in which students with beginning to intermediate skill levels can thrive. Trans welcome.

Choose a 2024 session:

  • Apr 25-28 (filled),
  • May 2-5 (filled),
  • May 8-12 (filled),
  • Jun 6-9 (filled),
  • Jun 27-30 (filled),
  • Jul 4-7 (filled),
  • Jul 24-28 (filled) or
  • Aug 8-11 (filled)
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team of people building a tiny house

Tiny House Building Workshop

Gain the skills you need to build your own tiny house from local, natural, or conventional materials. Tour beautifully crafted tiny houses and natural buildings, ... learn about each stage of building from expert lectures, experience hands-on learning as we build a tiny house from scratch, plus get lifetime access to extensive online video library

Choose a 2024 session:

  • May 24 to Jun 1 (filled),
  • Jun 14-22 (filled) or
  • Aug 16-24 (filled)
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processing wildcrafted greens for medicine making

Foraging and Medicinal Herbs Course

Identify and wild forage medicinal plants in the Appalachian mountains. Learn to make medicine and cultivate herbs in your garden. Make ... and take home herbal salves, tinctures, flower essences, decoctions, cough syrups, herbal liqueurs, oxymels and vinegars.

  • May 30 to Jun 2 (filled)
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rewilding woman making a whisk broom

Women’s Rewilding Retreat

Gather with other women for a long weekend of connection, learning, and rewilding. Basketry, medicine making, cheese and soap ... making, wild foods cookery, friction fire, and more In the mountains near Asheville, NC.

  • Jun 6-9 (filled)
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Permaculture Design Certificate Course

Permaculture Design Certificate Course

This permaculture class empowers students to become effective ecological designers and planners. You will ... come out of this class with deep knowledge about creating forest gardens, ecology, permaculture principles, plant species and variety choices, holistic forestry, and more.

  • Jun 16-29
  • Monthly or one time payment options available
  • Secure checkout
  • Flexible refund policy
  • Sliding scale pricing based on income
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A male student practicing making cuts in boards on a mitre saw at an all genders basic carpentry class at Wild Abundance

All Genders Basic Carpentry

Get deep satisfaction from learning carpentry In a culture that’s zooming toward virtual reality and digitizing the day-to-day, not everyone grows up learning ... how to use tools and work with their hands. Our woodworking class for beginners and folks who have used tools, but don’t feel totally comfortable with them is here to change that. No matter your lifestyle, you surely interact with physical objects like shelves, chairs, tables. Learning carpentry can be rewarding and satisfying whether you want to build for yourself, feel confident fixing things around the house, or interacting with folks you hire in a confident way

  • Sep 26-29, 2024 (filled)
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4-Month Carpentry Program

4-Month Carpentry Program

Get confident building for yourself and others. Our hands-on carpentry program is non-residential and takes place at Wild Abundance, located near Asheville, NC. It’s ... appropriate for beginning to intermediate level builders; no experience is necessary, just enthusiasm and a willingness to learn by doing. If you do have experience, there will be plenty of depth and advanced skills to dive into.

  • Jul 30 to Nov 20 (filled)
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closeup of building instructor using chisel

Timber Framing Class

Learn how to lay out, measure, cut, fit, assemble, and raise a 16' by 20' timber-framed building through demos and hands-on practice. This class is appropriate ... whether you are an experienced carpenter, backyard deck builder, or excited beginner who just has a knack for craft.

  • Sep 1-7
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gardening and permaculture apprentices in the garden

Gardening and Permaculture Apprenticeship

Learn to grow vegetables and tend food forests in this one-day-per-week program that spans an entire growing ... season. Non-residential permaculture apprenticeship.

*What is Standby?
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