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Our foraging classes and herbal medicine courses give you the knowledge and skills to gather wild plants safely and sustainably. When you’re out on a hike, you’ll be able to gather tasty treats for your supper. Additionally, you’ll know how to harvest herbs to support vibrant health. You can unravel your dependence on grocery stores and pharmaceutical companies.  Learning to forage for food and medicine will empower you to care for your own body, in deep connection with the natural world.

Foraging classes reveal the richness of the wilds.  

Herbal medicine courses teach you the ancient healing wisdom of the plants.

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In Person Classes
processing wildcrafted greens for medicine making

Wildcrafting and Medicine Making

Identify and wild forage medicinal plants in the Appalachian mountains. Learn to make medicine and cultivate herbs in your garden. Make ... and take home herbal salves, tinctures, flower essences, decoctions, cough syrups, herbal liqueurs, oxymels and vinegars.

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permaculture apprentices in the garden

Permaculture Apprenticeship

Learn to grow vegetables and tend food forests in this one-day-per-week program that spans an entire growing ... season. Non-residential permaculture apprenticeship.

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rewilding woman making friction fire

Women’s Rewilding Weekend

Gather with other women for a long weekend of connection, learning, and rewilding. Basketry, medicine making, cheese and soap ... making, wild foods cookery, friction fire, and more In the mountains near Asheville, NC.

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Online Classes
10 Spring Wild Foods That You Can Find Almost Anywhere

10 Spring Wild Foods That You Can Find Almost Anywhere

Do you want to be able to feed yourself from the wild? Discover delicacies growing right outside your door. Your guide through this course is seasoned ... Wild Abundance instructor Luke Cannon. He’s been foraging wild foods for over two decades! More than a botanist, Luke is a long-time pursuer and teacher of the magic and medicine of plants.

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Foraging classes help you discover delicacies growing right outside your door!

foraging classesPlants are fascinating and full of richness. That’s why we love sharing our wisdom about them while exploring wild places together. As soon as springtime warms up, you’ll find us gathering and nibbling tasty plants every moment that we’re outdoors. You see, foraging for wild foods is super satisfying, not to mention delicious.

It’s taken us many years to get to know the wide array of edible plants in North Carolina that grow here in Southern Appalachia. We’re delighted to share that experience with you. As a result, you, too, can enjoy the flavors of the wild. 

Throughout the growing season, we weave wild foods harvesting and cookery into our Immersive Permaculture Design Certificate Course. During this eight-month program (one weekend per month), we share our knowledge of wild plants with students through the seasons. In addition, we teach about the roles of the wild edges of our homesteads and gardens. That’s because when we know how to identify and work with edible weeds, they transform from a bother to a boon! In essence, observing the nature of wild plants can help us plan our gardens in harmony with nature. Our foraging classes let us see the patterns in nature that build the foundation of permaculture.    

Herbal medicine courses empower you to heal yourself and your community.

herbal medicine coursesThe healthcare system in this country is failing, but we can take our health into our own hands. Participating in an herbal medicine course gives you the power to make and use your own natural medicine.

Herbs are fantastic for both preventative health and for treating disease and imbalances.  Our wildcrafting class teaches how to make lots of common herbal preparations, so you can fill your medicine chest.  It also covers cultivation and harvesting of many common medicinal herbs that are accessible to everyone.  

Carrying the healing wisdom of plants has traditionally been a role held by women.  As we explore rewilding for women, we incorporate medicine making and herbal healing.  This is an herbal medicine course that goes beyond the how and what of using herbs.  It connects with the deeper aspects of the human relationship with plants.


What better place to learn about plants than the lush, temperate rainforest near Asheville, NC?

foraging plants near asheville ncThere are lots of reasons people come to visit Asheville.  Our home is one of the most naturally beautiful and biodiverse regions in the temperate world.  If you’re looking for foraging classes, hardly anywhere could be better. You’ll find tasty treats in the wilds here nearly year-round, including choice edible mushrooms like morels.  If you’re interested in herbal medicine courses, this area is not only a hotbed of medicinal plants (some rare or endemic), but also a gathering place for herbalists. Our instructors truly love plants and share their knowledge freely in a clear, inspiring, funny and engaging manner.  

We look forward to exploring the green world with you!