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Scholarships with Wild Abundance

Our scholarship program focuses on building social and racial equity by sharing our offerings with Black, Latinx, Indigenous, and other People of the Global Majority (a.k.a. PGM or BIPOC). We occasionally offer scholarships to folks in other groups based on financial need and/or involvement in community projects. 

We understand that the advantages white people hold are a direct result of the exploitation of BIPOC, including their skills, knowledges, lands, labor, and other valuable resources. Additionally, we acknowledge that People of the Global Majority face institutional, cultural and socioeconomic barriers to “coming back to the land” and learning skills for self-sufficiency. These barriers are the result of biased and violent systems of power that explicitly undermine and marginalize these folks and deny them access to land, education, safety, and other resources.

Our intentions behind offering equity scholarships are to: 

  • Provide access to these skills for people who otherwise might not have the opportunity, due to the above mentioned systems, structures, and barriers.
  • Support the representation and participation of PGM or BIPOC in the worlds of earth-based skills.
  • Make a small but concrete offering towards acknowledgement and restitution to the communities who have been exploited for the material gain of white people and white culture, and from whom much of what we teach has been taken without consent.

In-Person Classes with Scholarship Opportunities:

Below is a list of classes that we offer scholarships for, as well as the application and some information about what the scholarship includes:

Apply for in-person class scholarships here 

In-person class scholarships include full tuition and free camping and do not include meals, camping gear, class gear, transportation, or lodging other than camping with your own gear. 

Online Classes with Scholarship Opportunities:

To apply for a scholarship for one of our online classes, please visit the individual class page. There, you will find a link to a scholarship application when the class is open for enrollment. Applications for online classes are evaluated on a rolling basis.