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Wild Abundance is more than a school. It’s our attempt to create the kind of world we want to live in. Here, we strive to honor the generosity of the living world, and to sustain ourselves in reverent reciprocity with everything that makes our lives possible.

Our home campus is a breathtaking 7 acre homestead nestled in the verdant folds of the ancient mountains of Shaconage (Sha-Kon-O-Hey, Cherokee language), the Land of Blue Smoke, known in English as the Southern Appalachians. We’re about 25 minutes north of the town of Asheville, NC. Our sister campuses are all within 50 minutes of Asheville in this same beautiful bioregion.

Through all of our classes, at each location, we teach practical skills for living with the land and cultivating a more handmade life. Plus, we foster inspiration and connections amongst our students, instructors, and staff.

We acknowledge the many layers of human and greater-than-human inhabitants and relationships that together form our current home. They are all here with us now: people, stones, waters, winds, plants, animals, mushrooms, dreams and songs that came in the past, and those whose bodies remain. All of their stories hold us here in this place, as they continue to be told.

Read more of our Land Acknowledgement here.

Get to know our beautiful campuses, near Asheville, NC

organic permaculture garden at wild abundance school

All in-person classes take place safely outdoors, with appropriate shelter in inclement weather

Wild Abundance’s home campus boasts many gorgeous and functional features, all crafted lovingly by ourselves and our community of students, friends, and neighbors. We’ve got a bountiful leaf-shaped organic permaculture garden; a food forest including delectable perennial beds; a log cabin built out of trees from our own growing forest with a light straw clay addition; a cob oven; an outdoor classroom/wood shop topped with solar panels, and a stunning wattle and daub outdoor kitchen and classroom featuring a handmade sun motif sculpted by the hands of our students.

Many of our classes happen at sister campuses, where more examples of ecological attunement and handcrafted beauty are on display. At these class locations you’ll find timber framed barns, remodeled historic structures, woodland gardens, wildlife habitat, and even tiny houses that have been built as part of our tiny house building classes

Each of our campus locations provides an opportunity to learn the subject matter, and also to witness different ways that human beings are integrating their lives into the landscape.

Our Campuses are unconventional

At each of our campuses, you’ll see handmade structures that are whimsical, beautiful, and different from your typical home or classroom. We have outdoor showers and (permitted) outhouses instead of traditional bathrooms (no flush toilets), along with outdoor kitchens. As you explore the campuses, you may find yourself walking along footpaths and up and down rustic steps made of split logs and packed earth, or strolling through the woods.

Campsites are available to our students for free. Most are a short walk from parking areas, as we reserve car-camping spots for those with particular need for this access. In-car camping can also happen at all of our campuses. Each campus is rich with abundant trees from which to hang a hammock.

We try to make classes accessible to students of varying physical abilities. However, it’s important to note that our mountain campuses are not wheelchair accessible and may pose some difficulty to those who are not able-bodied.

Transformation through Permaculture

Before Wild Abundance, the land of the home campus was alternately barren and swampy. In fact, it had been deforested and then overgrazed by cattle for several decades. Using the tools of permaculture, and with the help of loving students and friends, the campus has been transformed into a thriving homestead.

Notably, we’ve seen the return of wildlife and many native plants. In addition, we’ve helped to generate several inches of rich topsoil and now have a productive garden and food forest where there was once muck and erosion.

All of the buildings we’ve erected demonstrate building techniques and are designed to showcase the natural beauty of this place. Every single permaculture principle has been thoughtfully applied to each addition to the land. In this way, as we grow, we continue to honor the patterns and cycles of life.

Wild Abundance invites students to learn by example, soaking up the beauty and function of permaculture in action.


outdoor kitchen at wild abundance permaculture and homestead school

Our classes cover a wide range of topics. We teach skills for everyone, from the total novice to the more seasoned builder or grower.

Our carpentry courses are focused on natural and sustainable building modalities, including regenerative local forestry and tiny houses. We get students out into the fields and woods with our foraging and herbal medicine classes. Through rewilding and survival classes we teach hands-on skills like hide tanning that help students reconnect with their ancestral wisdom. Tying it all together, our permaculture courses teach systems thinking and interconnection. And for those who cannot travel to the mountains to learn in-person, we offer online opportunities to learn permaculture gardening, or how to build your own tiny house

Check out all of our class offerings here, there really is something for everyone.

Natalie Bogwalker

natalie bogwalker with firewood at permaculture and homestead school

Natalie Bogwalker is the founder and director of Wild Abundance. She has devoted her life to helping people live in collaboration with the natural cycles of the Earth and build their own sense of confidence and personal empowerment. She and her family live at the Wild Abundance home campus. There, she’s joined by a lovely and devoted staff who help to manage the school, plus several seasonal helpers who support the smooth flow of things. Natalie teaches during some of the classes at Wild Abundance herself, and works with a talented and engaging team of instructors to weave together awesome programs.

Check out her longer bio to learn more about Natalie Bogwalker.

“This school deeply inspires students to dream about what is possible. By being here, I’ve learned ethical and sustainable living is feasible in beautifully simple ways.”

– JJ, Permaculture Apprentice

aerial photo of leaf shaped permaculture garden

Our land-based living campuses continue to grow, change, and thrive. Indeed, the loving contributions of each and every person who comes here adds to the beauty and richness of this school. We’re grateful to all of the students, friends, and neighbors who share their gifts and love with Wild Abundance.

Our hope is that the school will, in turn, change the lives of those who come here. As visitors leave their mark on our campuses, so will these lands leave their mark on everyone who travels here.

May our vision and efforts inspire a deep reverence for the sacred and ancient relationship between human beings and the rest of the living Earth.

In Person Classes
woman using a speed square to do carpentry

Women's Basic Carpentry

This class is intended to get ladies up-to-speed on basic building skills, working with wood, and using hand tools as well as power tools. Focus is placed on creating a safe, comfortable, relaxed and fun learning environment in which students with beginning to intermediate skill levels can thrive. Trans welcome.

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team of people building a tiny house

Tiny Homes and Natural Building

Gain the skills you need to build your own tiny house from local, natural, or conventional materials. Tour beautifully crafted tiny houses and natural buildings, learn about each stage of building from expert lectures, experience hands-on learning as we build a tiny house from scratch, and practice natural plaster and paint. This is the most practical Natural Building Course out there.

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processing wildcrafted greens for medicine making

Wildcrafting and Medicine Making Intensive

Identify and wild forage medicinal plants in the Appalachian mountains. Learn to make medicine and cultivate herbs in your garden. Make and take home herbal salves, tinctures, flower essences, decoctions, cough syrups, herbal liqueurs, oxymels and vinegars.

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closeup of building instructor using chisel

Timber Framing Class

Learn how to lay out, measure, cut, fit, assemble, and raise a 16' by 20' timber-framed building through demos and hands-on practice. This class is appropriate whether you are an experienced carpenter, backyard deck builder, or excited beginner who just has a knack for craft.

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Woman blowing on a tinder bundle on fire

Survival Skills Class

Come immerse yourself in the ancient arts and modern techniques that will grow your confidence and hone your ability to survive and thrive in the wild. The natural world can provide for all your basic needs, but you need knowledge and skills to utilize what’s out there. 

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Permaculture Design Certificate Course

Permaculture Design Certificate Course

This permaculture class empowers students to become effective ecological designers and planners. You will come out of this class with deep knowledge about creating forest gardens, ecology, permaculture principles, plant species and variety choices, holistic forestry, and more.

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permaculture apprentices in the garden


Learn to grow vegetables and tend food forests in this one-day-per-week program that spans an entire growing season. Non-residential permaculture apprenticeship.

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rewilding woman making friction fire

Women’s Rewilding Weekend

Gather with other women for a long weekend of connection, learning, and rewilding. Basketry, medicine making, cheese and soap making, wild foods cookery, friction fire, and more In the mountains near Asheville, NC.

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smoking a deer hide during brain tanning

Hide Tanning Class

Learn from expert brain-tanners the process of transforming deer hide into soft, supple, beautiful buckskin, suitable for fabulously comfortable clothing and accessories. Leave the class with your very own finished hide tanned in the traditional and completely natural way.

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Online Classes
woman in front of tiny house with natural plaster

Tiny House Academy: Join our Online Tiny House Building Class

Gain the confidence to design and get started building your own ecological tiny house — wherever you are, on wheels or on a foundation. This in-depth lecture series covers the basics and beyond, including natural building modalities.

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10 Spring Wild Foods That You Can Find Almost Anywhere

10 Spring Wild Foods That You Can Find Almost Anywhere

Do you want to be able to feed yourself from the wild? Discover delicacies growing right outside your door. Your guide through this course is seasoned Wild Abundance instructor Luke Cannon. He’s been foraging wild foods for over two decades! More than a botanist, Luke is a long-time pursuer and teacher of the magic and […]

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woman teaching brain tanning

Online Hide Tanning Class

Learn from expert brain-tanners the process of transforming deer hide into soft, supple, beautiful buckskin, suitable for fabulously comfortable clothing and accessories. Leave the class with your very own finished hide tanned in the traditional and completely natural way.

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leaf shaped garden beds

Holistic Garden Planning

This 2+ hour, comprehensive video course includes materials for both beginning and more experienced gardeners. It’s accompanied by a 50+ page course manual ebook to help you get growing. Plan for garden success A good garden plan can result in less work, more fun, healthier crops, and the right yields to fit your personal needs […]

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woman reading in her log cabin tiny house

Living in a Tiny House

Join our FREE class about living in a tiny house to hear from people who are actually doing it! This class is currently closed. Get on the waitlist to be notified of the next enrollment period. You’ll also receive our regular newsletter, including new blog posts, seasonal guides, and special offers. With this free online […]

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closeup of shovel digging into garden

Online Gardening School

Are you ready to grow some serious food? This online video course will give you the skills and tools you need to be able to grow a garden for yourself, from the ground up. Lifetime access, live mentorship.

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Summer Planting for Fall Gardening

Summer Planting for Fall Gardening

FREE Class on Planting for Fall and Winter Harvests This 1 hour and 35 minute long video course is accompanied by a 25 page course manual to help you get growing. Class is currently closed. Get on the waitlist to be notified of the next open enrollment period. You’ll also receive our newsletters, which are […]

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women raising a wall in a tiny house

Top 10 Ways to Save Money When Building a Tiny House

Join our FREE class full of practical, creative, tried-and-true methods for saving money on your tiny house, without compromising quality. Sign up below to get FREE instant access to this class You’ll also receive our regular newsletter, including new blog posts, seasonal guides, and special offers. Are you excited to shrink your environmental footprint and […]

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Woman gazing at her garden

Garden Planning 101

A FREE online class that gives roots to your garden dreams Do you want to grow a bountiful garden, but feel overwhelmed by planning it out? Or, have you gardened for a few seasons and felt discouraged with way too much of some vegetables, while others didn’t do so well? This class gives you simple, […]

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