Learn to build your own buildings from the floor up!

In our basic carpentry classes, students learn how to safely and effectively use tools for carpentry. In response to popular demand, we created this advanced women’s carpentry class specifically for graduates of our basic carpentry class, so they can take their skills to the next level. In this more advanced program, we combine online lectures and five days of hands-on learning by doing. Students who participate fully will be able to leave the class with the knowledge and ability to construct a simple shed from the floor system to metal on the roof.

This class includes 5 full days of building instruction and practice, plus online material to study ahead of time and keep indefinitely.

Day 1: Saw skills review and getting started on the floor

On the first day of class, we will get to know each other and learn about the project we’ll be tackling together. We’ll spend some time reviewing how to use power saws, so that everyone is up to speed and ready to make cuts safely and effectively. Then, we’ll look at plans, divide into groups, and dive into working on floor systems.

carpentry students building a floor system for a small shed structure

Day 2: More on floors and getting started with walls

On our second day, we’ll finish up the floor system, get into cutting pieces for walls, and likely start laying out our walls.

two women work on framing out a shed wall during an advanced carpentry class for women

Day 3: Building walls

This day will be all about walls, assembling them, sheathing them, and erecting them.

Young woman smiles as she works on walls during an advanced women's carpentry class

Day 4: More walls, plus rafters

Today we will finish up framing and sheathing walls, cut rafters for the roof and begin putting them up.

A woman screws in a rafter on a shed building project at a women's advanced carpentry class at Wild Abundance

Day 5: Putting on the roof

On day five we’ll continue to work on the rafters and purlins, and finally install metal roofing. We’ll also wrap up any steps of the walls that haven’t gotten finished, and we may cover some other tantalizing tidbits unique to each shed.

Woman working on a the roof of a building with her advanced carpentry class

Online Lectures: Foundation, Floor, Wall, and Roof Systems, along with Window installation

Within 1 week of registering for this class, you’ll receive access to an online lecture series covering foundation, floor, wall, and roof systems, along with window installation. In these in-depth discussions, you’ll learn the theory behind some of the most important parts of structural building. 

We ask students to watch the lectures in preparation for the class, whenever is convenient, and freshen up on learning before each relevant in-person class session.

It’s very important that you get through this material before you come to class, so that our in-class discussion can go beyond the basics. You’ll have unlimited access to this material, so you can refer back to it as you embark on your own projects.

Learn at your own pace – Check out our Online Tiny House Academy

Along with in-person building classes, we also offer an online tiny house building course called the Tiny House Academy. The online lectures for the Advanced Women’s Carpentry Class are a very small sampling from this comprehensive online program. The full program includes a ton of how-to’s, along with an extremely comprehensive video library of tutorials, lectures, and demos, plus instructor support. 

When you join our Women’s Advanced Carpentry Class, you receive a coupon for $200 off the Tiny House Academy.

Online Tiny House Building Course is available on a computer, laptop or phone

We build at a pace that gets things done while considering students needs

We work hard to assure a balance between breadth and depth. Meaning, our goal is that each student understands the big concepts and principles, while also building competence in each step. Everyone will get to explore various stages of projects, get her hands on a lot of tools, and feel a sense of satisfaction at the end of the class. Since each step of structural building builds upon the last (pun intended!), we need to move at a pace that allows us to finish the project. After running this class over a dozen times, we’ve dialed in what pace of work and scale of project can allow for this, while not rushing the group.

An advanced women's carpentry class smiles from the shed structure they are building in class at whild abundance

Do you know someone who could use a shed that we build in this class?

Some of the sheds that are build by the Advanced carpentry class are used on our campus, while others are sold at cost to local individuals and organizations. We price the sheds to cover the cost of materials and delivery, so they’re affordable for their quality. If you or someone you know would like to purchase a shed, get in touch with us at admin@wildabundance.net.

Finished shed built by the women's advanced carpentry class at the new Paint Fork campus at Wild Abundance



Nadi Mond

Nadi (they/them) has been on a quest to study traditional woodworking, metalworking and ancestral skills ever since leaving behind their Aerospace Engineering path in Germany where they grew up. While attending University in Germany they turned an old early 1900s circus trailer into their first tiny home they lived in for the duration of their ...

Madison Moore

Madison’s stoked to be teaching with Wild Abundance because she’s super passionate about empowering women with skills in a safe & welcoming environment. She’s been building on her own since middle school and also worked for a number of years on a framing crew doing residential carpentry. When not teaching, Madison spends a large portion ...

Alex Kilgore

Alex (he/him) has been learning and teaching primitive and traditional living skills since 1995. He began with a formative apprenticeship with Steve Watts, the founder of the Society of Primitive Technology and director of the Aboriginal Studies Program at the Schiele Museum of Natural History.  In 1997, Alex completed his degree in Outdoor Experiential Education ...
Tyler Lavenburg, instructor at Wild Abundance

Tyler Lavenburg

Tyler (he/him) and his family align their life with the cycles of the seasons and the bounty of the wild. They harvest and utilize as much as they can – straight from the woods around them. Tyler first fell in love with Southern Appalachian ecology as a student at Warren Wilson College, where he received ...

This class is held near Asheville, NC, at the Wild Abundance Paint Fork Campus

Our Paint Fork campus is a bustling creekside landscape with gorgeous mountain views, a breathtaking timber-framed pavilion classroom, and spacious covered open-air wood shops for learning building and carpentry in all weather, plus other lovely features. The Paint Fork campus is 30 minutes north of Asheville.

Please note: our campuses are all unconventional, with rustic amenities and uneven ground. Read more about Planning your trip and about our campuses. You’ll receive detailed directions on how to get here upon registration. 

Accommodations and Facilities

You’ve got several options of where to stay during your class. Some students camp, some locals commute, and others choose to rent accommodations with more creature comforts.

Onsite camping (with your own warm bedding and rainproof tent or hammock) is available for free to all students (including locals) during class. Some set-up-for-you tents are available with cots and cozy bedding for a flat fee. 

Campers and all students have access to a lovely outdoor kitchen equipped with a stove and hot and cold water, plus pots and pans, knives and cutting boards, bowls, plates, and utensils, along with an outdoor shower with hot and cold running water and an outhouse. If you’d rather rent a hotel, house or cottage, there are many available. We’ll share a curated list of nearby options once you’ve registered. 

Costs of different accommodations

So you can better plan your trip to come learn with us, here’s some info on accommodations we offer, or that we link to in the student handbook you’ll receive upon registration. Below it you’ll find info on transportation.

  • Camping with your own gear: free
  • Staying in a large tent with a cozy cot and bedding that we set up for you: $200 flat fee; you can stay there anytime from 5pm before the first day of your class, to 12pm the day after your class ends.
  • Hyper-local off-campus single rentals: $40-$2000/night + fees
  • Hyper-local off-campus couples rentals: $20-100/person/night + fees
  • Hyper-local off-campus group rentals: $25-$86/person/night + fees

Getting a place or renting a car with a group of fellow students and carpooling are great ways to make connections and reduce costs! We share contact info for each class so you can get in touch and make plans together. Everyone has a chance to keep their info private if they choose.

Transportation info and costs

You won’t need a car during your class. There’s a chance you may want to run an errand or go out to dinner with fellow students, and if this happens, it’s highly likely that another student with a car will be happy to give you a lift.

We’ve also got a list of folks who will do airport and grocery shuttle runs for $50-$80 each way. We share this information in the student handbook when you register. If you’d rather rent a car, those run anywhere from $45-$200/day. Just like with lodging, teaming up with a group of fellow students to share a car rental can help build connections and reduce costs. 

Course Dates:

  • May 15-19, 2024
  • Jul 10-14, 2024
  • Sep 18-22, 2024

Pricing for Advanced Women’s Carpentry Only

Please note that our Advanced Women’s Carpentry Class is only available to those who have already taken the Women’s Basic Carpentry Class, either this year or in previous years. We will be running several sessions in 2024, including: April 4-7, May 1-5, June 27-30, July 24-28, August 8-11. These classes will be announced with our New Years Sale, and some more fall dates will open during our Spring Sale.

Regular Pricing: $1,000 – $2,000

Please pay what you can afford.  The median price is suggested to help cover the full cost of hosting this class. Please select the low end of the sliding scale if you are low income. If your household income is over $115,000/year, please select the maximum fee.  Please place yourself in this range where you deem appropriate, based on your income.

Includes Basic and Advanced Women’s Carpentry

Please note that our Advanced Women’s Carpentry Class is only available to those who have already taken the Women’s Basic Carpentry Class.We will be running several sessions on April 4-7, May 1-5, June 27-30, July 24-28, and August 8-11.

Regular Pricing:  $1,600 – $2,560

Please pay what you can afford.  The median price is suggested to help cover the full cost of hosting this class. Please select the low end of the sliding scale if you are low income. If your household income is over $115,000/year, please select the maximum fee.  Please place yourself in this range where you deem appropriate, based on your income.