Tyler Lavenburg

tyler lavenburg

Instructor for Rewilding and Homesteading

Nose to the grindstone (sometimes literally), Tyler (he/him) lives for unraveling the mysteries of the Earth. He first fell in love with Southern Appalachian ecology as a student at Warren Wilson College, graduating with a degree in Environmental Education. Beginning as Natalie’s first apprentice in 2009, he has since traveled around the Eastern US learning and teaching ecology and traditional living skills in a variety of settings. Tyler is devoted to understanding material use in context of it’s ecological niche—unveiling ancient and scientific wisdom to appropriate technologies. He has worked with hundreds of children and adults through public and private schools and events such as the Living Earth School, Roots School, Forest Floor Wilderness Programs, Earthskills Rendezvous, and many more. Whether it be putting by wild foods or working with stone tools, bows and arrows, hides, baskets, fiber or woodcraft, Tyler orients his life by the skills that have kept our ancestors alive for thousands of years.