Equipment and Gear for Basic Carpentry Classes

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Here’s a list of things that you’ll want to have with you at class, whether you are commuting or camping here. Please keep in mind that class will be in our outdoor teaching spaces.

Local hardware stores are wonderful, and we encourage you to support them if you’re lucky enough to have one in your community. Another option is to borrow from a friend, neighbor, or local tool library.

We’ve also included links to the items for sale on Amazon or at Home Depot so that you can get a sense of what we’re talking about, and buy them there if that’s more convenient. The first link is usually Amazon and the second is Home Depot, in case you’re concerned with which corporation your money goes to.  

Required Carpentry Tools

Required Non-Carpentry Items

  • Notebook + Writing Implement
  • Layered, comfortable clothing (hat, vest, very warm jacket, wool socks, boots, and wool long underwear, if coming during April, May, September, or October… mountain weather is unpredictable and may be both hot and cold during your time here!)
  • Closed-toed shoes or boots
  • Long pants
  • Shorts (if hot)
  • Rain Gear
  • Water Bottle
  • Food
  • Sun Hat
  • Hair Restraint if needed

Optional Tools and Gear

Optional, just bring if you happen to have it, we have some to share