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Here’s a list of things that you’ll probably want to have with you at class, whether you are commuting or camping here. Please keep in mind that class will be in our outdoor teaching space.

These are some tools that we highly recommend for the class, and for your future building projects. You’ll have a tough time doing carpentry in your life without them, as they are basic essentials. If possible, please bring them, especially the safety gear. We do have extras of most of these things, so if you can’t bring them, it isn’t the end of the world. Please label your tools, as many participants will have identical items.

If you want to find these things at a local hardware store or flea market, more power to you! If you want to buy them online, we participate in an associate program with, and when you click on the links below, we benefit. The money that we make from this program goes into a fund to help us continue to offer free information to everyone. 

Required Carpentry Tools

*All students will be required to wear gloves, safety permitting, while using shared tools and equipment.

Required Non-Carpentry Items

  • Face Mask (COVID Health & Safety Measure)
  • Notebook, writing implement
  • Layered, comfortable clothing (very warm hat, vest and jacket and wool long underwear, if coming during April, May, September, or October)
  • Closed toed shoes or boots
  • Long pants
  • Shorts (if you’ll be taking the class in the summer months, and you like wearing shorts when it’s hot)
  • Rain gear, if weather calls for it (check the forecast before you come)
  • Water bottle (we have excellent well water onsite)
  • Food (see Meals & Food in the welcome letter for more details)
  • Sun hat
  • Hair restraint (if needed)


Highly Recommended, But Optional

(In order from most to least important)