The Essential Tiny House Electrical Guide

man installing an outlet in a tiny house

A note on safety: This post, and all our offerings, are for educational purposes only. We recommend hiring a professional to help with your tiny house electrical system. The information here will give you a great foundation to help you feel confident in your conversations with an electrician. For more info enroll in our tiny […]

Beginner’s Guide to Growing Green Beans

baskets of different colored green beans

Growing green beans is one of the most rewarding things you can do in a garden. That’s because green beans tend to do well, even in poorer soils. Plus, each plant can yield a significant amount of beans to eat. Green beans are botanically identical to dry beans or cooking beans (meaning they’re the same […]

Best Tiny Home Designs

Natalie working on a drafting table designing a tiny house

In this post, we’re not going to spoon feed you the best tiny house designs by showing flashy photos. Instead, we’re going to give you a selection of patterns that will act as helpful tools for creating and evaluating your own tiny home designs. By exploring patterns, our hope is to avoid the tendency to […]

6 Tips to Successfully Grow Spinach 

spinach with leaf mulch

Following are our top 6 tips for successfully growing spinach. We’ll get into more detail for each of them, but here’s an overview to start: Get good seeds Plant and grow spinach at the right temperature Direct sow spinach instead of transplanting it Weed and thin your spinach patch Fertilize spinach well Harvest spinach regularly […]

How to Build a Fire

glowing coals in a nice wood fire

The warm light of a fire is at once calming and exhilarating. That’s because, deep in our bones, we feel how essentially human it is to sit around a fire: We watch the flames and smoke dance, while listening to the crackle of transformation. Indeed, fire turns wood into heat and light, campsites into welcoming […]