DIY Paint: Beautiful and 100% Natural

How to Make Natural DIY Paint   To make your own DIY paint, you only need a few simple ingredients: aggregate (see below for an explanation), white powdered clay, wheat paste (recipe follows), and water – plus pigments as desired.  Basically, you mix all the ingredients together thoroughly, and voila! That’s your DIY paint. Applying […]

5 Simple Outdoor Kitchen Ideas

  A few simple, creative outdoor kitchen ideas will help you put together a lovely, functional space for food prep close to your home.  Cooking outdoors isn’t just for camping trips. Creating an outdoor kitchen gets you outside every day, even during “ordinary” life. You’ll enjoy the beauty of the season and connect with the […]

How to Stake Tomatoes

  It’s that time of year when garden vegetables and weeds alike are growing inches overnight.  If you’re like us, tomatoes are a darling in your garden, but it can be tricky to keep these wily vines in check.  There are lots of ways to stake or trellis tomatoes and keep them contained. Here are […]

Pokeweed: How to Prepare “Poke Salad”

poke salad poke salat

Pokeweed is a nutritional powerhouse, but be careful, it can also be toxic to humans if it’s not prepared correctly.  This voluptuous weed is extremely high in vitamin A, and also has significant amounts of vitamin C, iron and calcium.  Pokeweed is one of the first plants to sprout in the springtime.  Because of that, […]