Urine as a fertilizer

using urine as a fertilizer for a hay crop

Human urine is a fantastic free fertilizer for the garden. If you’re already having the “ick factor” response, we encourage you to keep an open mind and read on about using urine as a fertilizer Note: much of the information here comes from the work of the Rich Earth Institute. They’re conducting large-scale trials of […]

What is the Best Tiny House Foundation?

In Progress Tiny Cabin on Piers

Tiny house foundations are important! They can anchor your tiny home to the Earth, provide insulation and also help keep moisture out. There are a number of tiny house foundation options to choose from. And, there are a few environmental factors to think about when deciding on which foundation is the best for your build. […]

Chaga Tea Recipe…And a Bit About Chaga “Mushroom”

chaga mushroom

Have you met chaga (Inonotus obliquus)? It’s a medicinal “mushroom,” although technically the part that we use is not a true mushroom. Chaga tea has been used for health maintenance and healing for millennia. It’s an amazing wild medicine that grows on certain kinds of birch trees, and happens to also have a pleasant taste. […]

The Only Compost Tea Recipe You’ll Ever Need


Compost tea has many benefits for the garden, and it’s fairly easy to make at home. As you may have noticed, there are literally dozens of recipes and just as many strong opinions about what’s the best compost tea recipe. Here, we’ll share the only compost tea recipe you’ll ever need: one that’s simple, effective, […]

How to Succeed With Online Learning

tiny house building class online image of different devices

It’s one thing to sign up for an online course, and another to succeed with online learning. Here we’ll share some tips and ideas for increasing success and, ultimately, satisfaction with your online learning experience.  These days, you can learn almost anything online, from academic subjects, to trades, to skills for personal enrichment and development. […]