8 Tools needed to build a tiny house

three women wielding tools to build a tiny house

There are just eight tools needed to build a tiny house, and you can buy them all for under $500. In addition to these basics, there are other specialized tools that come in handy and can make things easier. Of course it’s important to learn proper and safe tool use, so that you can build […]

Best Tiny Home Designs

Natalie working on a drafting table designing a tiny house

In this post, we’re not going to spoon feed you the best tiny house designs by showing flashy photos. Instead, we’re going to give you a selection of patterns that will act as helpful tools for creating and evaluating your own tiny home designs. By exploring patterns, our hope is to avoid the tendency to […]

Building an Ecological Tiny House with Natural Materials

Hemcrete tiny house

People all over the world have been using natural materials to build homes and other structures throughout human history. Here, we dig into the differences between conventional and more ecological building materials and discuss three natural building modalities to consider when building a tiny house:  Rammed earth Hempcrete Cordwood Sustainability of building materials: conventional vs. […]