NadiNadi (she/they) has been on a quest to study traditional woodworking, metalworking and ancestral skills ever since leaving behind their Aerospace Engineering path in Germany 2014 where they grew up. While attending University in Germany they turned an old early 1900s circus trailer into their first tiny home they lived in for the duration of their studies. Building with no prior experience and figuring everything out on the spot empowered them to leave the corporate world in Germany behind and take their life into their own living, breathing hands.

For the past 7 years they have been traveling the world with their 6yo daughter, seeking out and learning from masters of all kinds of trades, from timberframing, traditional sailing and boatbuilding over natural building to blacksmithing. Coming to North Carolina 3.5 years ago they lived in a canvas shelter in the woods for a year and apprenticed and worked with several contractors and learned about the ins and outs of conventional building. Besides teaching classes for Wild Abundance they now work as a self employed carpenter, mechanic and setting up ancestral skills event infrastructure and use every chance they get to expand their skills and empower others.