Kaylee Walters

 Kaylee, the Chaos Manager and Natalie's personal assistant at Wild Abundance

Chaos Manager/ Natalie’s Personal Assistant

Originally from Florida, Kaylee (she/her) joined the Wild Abundance team in early 2021, after moving to NC. At the time, she didn’t realize how much of an impact the mountains, rivers, and the people who inhabit such sacred land would have on her life. Now it’s hard for her to picture ever leaving.

When she applied for the job, she had never heard of Wild Abundance, but immediately felt aligned with and excited about their mission (and especially excited about working in an earth-centered space). Kaylee coordinates schedules, meetings, and travel, and organizes Natalie’s life to function smoothly amongst the chaos of so many moving parts, leaving Natalie more space for all of the cool and amazing work that she does! Kaylee is filled with gratitude that the beautiful Wild Abundance homestead is where she gets to spend her days. Kaylee does similar work for a few others in the community. When she’s not working you can find her being a hermit with a good book, journaling, practicing jiu jitsu, or dancing.