Learn to design and build your own buildings from the ground up!

all genders carpentry student using chop saw

We’ve had such an awesome experience with our Basic Carpentry Classes, that we decided to offer something to take graduates to the next level. This class builds on the foundation set in the basics class, where we cover how to use basic tools and design simple projects. Students in the advanced classes get to practice these skills and get really comfortable with them, as they apply those skills to a larger project. 

The all genders advanced carpentry class teaches students to build structures with confidence

Please note that our All Genders Advanced Carpentry Class geared toward students who have already taken one of our basic carpentry classes (Women’s Basic Carpentry or All Genders Basic Carpentry). Exceptions are occasionally made for students who have a mastery of safety and use of all of the tools covered in the basics classes. Visit the pages for the basics classes for more info on sessions and enrollment. 

all genders carpentry students building a foundation

Day 1: Creating foundations and footers

On our first stay together we’ll get to know each other and cover class logistics, then move right into our first project. Building on the online material on foundations, we’ll pour a concrete footer, learn about setting posts, and start working on a floor system. The class will divide into 2 groups, each group building it’s own shed, pole barn, or other small building. The rest of the day will be spent orienting to and working on this build.

men and women carpentry students installing a floor system

Day 2: Floors and getting started with walls

On our second day, we’ll continue with the shed floor and and get started cutting pieces of walls and learning layout. We might possibly start putting the wall together on this day.

male carpentry student building a wall

Day 3: Building walls

This day we will be continuing to work on stick framed or post and beam wall systems.

Day 4: More walls, plus rafters

We’ll complete our walls, work on wall sheathing, and cut our rafters on this day. 

Day 5: Putting on the roof

We will frame and put up our roof and continue sheathing the building. If the building calls for it and there is time, we might even install a window.

We work hard to assure a balance between breadth and depth. Meaning, our goal is that each student understands the big concepts and principles, while also growing competence in each step. Everyone will get to explore various different parts of the  projects, get their hands on a lot of tools, and feel a sense of satisfaction at the end of the class. Upon finishing the online and in person portions of the class, each student should have the skills to build a small shed or similar structure on their own.

Online Lectures: Foundation, Floor, Wall, and Roof Systems, along with window installation

In order to make the most of our in-person time for hands-on learning, we provide the lecture portion of this class online. Within 1 week of registering for this class, you’ll receive access to an online lecture series covering foundations, floors, walls, and roof systems, along with window installation. In these in-depth discussions, you’ll learn the theory behind some of the most important parts of structural building. We request that students watch the lectures in preparation for the class. We do this so that everyone can come to class well prepared, and our in-class discussions can go well beyond the basics. You’ll have unlimited access to this material, so you can refer back to it as you embark on your own projects.

Learn at your own pace – Check out our Online Tiny House Academy

Online Tiny House Academy displayed on desktop computer, laptop and phone

Along with in-person building classes, we also offer an Online Tiny House Academy. It’s an excellent compliment to all of our building classes. The program includes a ton of how-to’s, along with an extremely comprehensive video library of tutorials, lectures, and demos. A bit of its content is included in the online portion of our All Genders and Women’s Advanced Classes, but the Online Tiny House Academy goes way beyond shed and pole barn building. It covers tiny house design, electrical, plumbing, siding, finish work like trim, and even gets into natural building. Folks who enroll in our advanced carpentry classes get a coupon for $200 off the Online Tiny House Academy, where you can learn to build a tiny house online

Class Location

This class is held in Barnardsville, at the Wild Abundance Paint Fork Campus

Our Paint Fork campus is a bustling creekside landscape with gorgeous mountain views and lovely outdoor classrooms and facilities. It’s 30 minutes north of Asheville. You’ll receive detailed directions on how to get here upon registration. If you’re attending a class hosted at Wild Abundance, you may be traveling to other sites for field trips.

Please note: our campuses are all unconventional, with rustic amenities and uneven ground. Read more about our campuses here.

Local Accommodations and Facilities

Wherever you’re coming from, you’re welcome to pitch a tent in one of our flat camping spots in the woods or field, or to tie a hammock in the forest. If you live locally, you may prefer to commute to Wild Abundance from Asheville (25-30 minute drive). If you choose to camp, please bring your own bedding and rainproof tent or tarp. In the early spring and late fall it can be cold at night, so please bring warm bedding if you’ll be here before May or after September. We have a lovely outdoor kitchen equipped with a stove and running water, an outdoor shower, and an outhouse available to campers.  In extremely cold weather, the sink and shower may be out of operation due to water freezing.

If you prefer something with more creature comforts, we suggest you browse Airbnb for numerous options close to the campus. You can also check out local motels and B&Bs within a 10-15 minute drive to Wild Abundance. We’ll send a list of links to several options (with varying amenities and prices) in a welcome letter upon registration.

Registration Info

Pricing for All Gender’s Advanced Carpentry

Regular Pricing: $1,000 – $2,000

Please pay what you can afford.  The median price is suggested to help cover the full cost of hosting this class. Please select the low end of the sliding scale if you are low income. If your household income is over $115,000/year, please select the maximum fee. Please place yourself in this range where you deem appropriate, based on your income.

Course Date:

  • Jul 26-30, 2023