Women’s Basic Carpentry 2016 (Karen Shane)

“This class was really really well planned, well orchestrated, and I left having both had a fantastic time (loads of laughter) and feeling deeply empowered. The setting of just being with women freed me up to ask “stupid questions” and feel anything but stupid… The meals were nourishing and beautiful. The facility was inspiring and well-kept. […]

Hide Tanning (Owen Doll)

  “This class – with all its subtle tips and tricks – made the process of brain tanning extremely clear and concise. Natalie’s expertise is incredible, as her insights surely saved me many hours of work and much frustration. The class was an absolute pleasure, as there is nothing quite like learning to turn a […]

Hide Tanning (Rachel Watersong)

“Natalie gives very clear instructions and lots of support along the way, and by the end I was SO proud of my finished hide!” -(Rachel Watersong, Psychologist and Homesteader, Cedar Grove, North

Apprenticeship (Cate Fischer)

  “Deciding to become an apprentice at Wild Abundance was the best thing that I have ever done for myself. In my time living and apprenticing there, I learned what feels like countless skills that have given me a deeper sense of self, purpose, and sufficiency. Wild Abundance is a place that holds something that […]

Hide Tanning (Trudie Henninger, 2015)

“Thank you so much for offering the hide-tanning class. It was a wonderful and unforgettable experience. I came expecting just to learn new skills but I left with…a new passion and a new-found appreciation for hide-tanning. It was so fun and enriching working with people of all different ages and skill levels. There was plenty […]