Austin Parsons

Austin Parsons, Special Ops Manager at Wild Abundance

Special Ops Coordinator

After growing up in Indiana, Austin moved to North Carolina in 2017 when his partner was apprenticing with Natalie at Wild Abundance. Originally trained as an auto mechanic, Austin has always had a knack for ‘figuring things out.’ He loves to take what seems like an unsolvable problem and come up with a way to make it work. Soon after his arrival in NC, he began helping with maintenance on the Wild Abundance campus and from there grew into taking care of all things building and construction. Along the way he learned carpentry, concrete-work, electrical, plumbing, design, welding, and the myriad of other skills necessary for upkeeping & expanding campus infrastructure. During this time he also built his own off-grid home which he now lives in with his partner and 2 young children. What Austin most appreciates about working with Wild Abundance is the community naturally built into the job – the group of compassionate and caring people he works with on a daily basis. Serving and giving/doing things for others is what brings Austin the most joy in life, and he loves how much that is naturally a part of what he does here.