Mollie Curry


Mollie Curry, Natural Building Instructo

Instructor for Natural Building

Mollie (she/her) has been practicing natural building for over 20 years and is still in love with the mud! Natural paints and plasters are her favorite techniques, and she has plenty of “structural” experience with things like straw-bale building, earthbags, adobe, cob, straw-clay, and that most familiar of natural materials, wood. Besides building, she loves hiking, growing (and concocting) food and medicine, and listening to folks empathetically. She and her husband run MudStrawLove LLC and also play music with Chikomo Marimba.

Mollie was an early member of Earthaven Ecovillage, and lived there for 11 years. While at Earthaven, she also taught permaculture and had her hands in many projects, including community consensus self government. Now she lives in West Asheville on an urban permaculture homestead with a wide variety of plants, animals, and soil organisms that she cares for, all while doing her best to nurture food, beauty, and connections. She loves to focus on listening to people with empathy and encouraging others.