Nancy Basket

Instructor for Women’s Empowerment

Nancy Basket (she/her) takes her name from the work she does and from her Cherokee grandmother long ago, Margaret Basket. Nancy came South in 1989 to gather pine needles and learn Cherokee stories to teach her 6 children.  Nancy loves being an Artist in Education working in public schools sharing her culture, stories and art with students and teachers. Come hear her tell stories at a powwow or several Outdoor Nature organizations!  In 2005 she received the SC Jean Laney Harris Folk Heritage award. Nancy’s made baskets for movies, TV shows, architects and designers.  She turns kudzu into baskets, folk art paper designs and murals. Visit Nancy at her Walhalla, SC home, shop, gallery and kudzu bale barn. Learn how to make cloth from kudzu vines, make quick free form baskets, wall hangings, lamp shades or sculptures. Bring your groups, schedule today.