Online Self Sufficiency School

December 31 - December 31, 2020

Do you want to increase your personal self-sufficiency and learn new skills, right from your home?

In this modern age of climate change, dysfunctional food systems, and political bickering, knowing how to care for ourselves is more important than ever. As a result, we’ve created the Online Self Sufficiency School to help you gain practical skills for growing food, living off the land, and thriving through tough times…from anywhere! 

Now is the time to learn how to do, grow, and make things for yourself to help forge the path toward a sustainable future.

closeup of hands picking wineberries

Here, we’ll be offering a series of in-depth, topic-driven, video-based courses on subjects that really matter, including:

  • Gardening
  • Simple and sustainable living
  • Preparedness
  • Foraging wild food and medicine
  • Herbalism
  • Wilderness survival
  • Homesteading
  • Permaculture
  • And more!

These courses will highlight the practical skills that our team of instructors has been mastering for decades.

Interested? Get on the waitlist below and we’ll let you know when the first courses open.

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man holding a bunch of carrots

How does the Online Self Sufficiency School work?

Each course will be available on its own, at an affordable price, and will be accompanied by a beautiful course manual, resource lists, and worksheets where appropriate. Plus, anyone who participates in any one of these courses will be granted access to a private Facebook group for students and instructors in our program. There, we’ll hold monthly Q&A videos where students can ask questions and get extra support for a time after they have purchased a course to help them on their journey toward self sufficiency and resilience. 

Once you sign up you’ll have lifetime access to the course material. You can come back to it again and again to troubleshoot or refresh your understanding.  

closeup of hand holding kale seeds


Courses (coming soon)

  • Top 10 Vegetables to Plant That Will Really Feed You

  • Permaculture Garden Planning

  • Animal Agriculture 101

  • Breaking Ground and Starting a Garden

  • Fermentation: Sauerkraut and Other Veggies

  • Intro to Botany

  • Seasonal Wild Foods You Can Find Almost Anywhere

  • Human Nutrition, and Growing for it

  • Tools of the Homestead and How to Use Them

  • How to Sharpen Tools

  • How to Approach Buying/Getting Land for Self-Sufficiency

  • Using Wood for Cooking and Warmth

In addition to these subject-specific classes, we’re also cooking up a much deeper dive into permaculture, self sufficiency, and community resilience: our Earth-Centered Living Apprenticeship and our Earthskills and Permaculture Leadership Programs. These are two opportunities to engage with this important and vast subject matter completely online (with plenty of real-world applications in your particular part of the world), or mostly online with an immersive week of hands-on learning here at the Wild Abundance campus. Check back here or get on the waitlist to hear more as these programs come together. 

Natalie Bogwalker in front of firewood stack

Why online classes for self sufficiency?

For the past two decades, we’ve been learning, experimenting with, and practicing the necessary skills for shifting away from dependence on global industrial systems. We’ve been offering in-person classes for over ten years in order to share our knowledge and passion with others who want to move toward self-sufficiency…but those classes can only reach a select number of people.

Not all of you can, or want to travel here to learn with us, especially in times like these. Yet, you deserve access to experienced guidance and top-notch information! 

Online courses are a way for students to “take us home with you.” This means that through the course material and private Facebook group, we’ll be there to guide and support you as you work on developing your skill set and practical know-how right where you’re at. 

How much will these courses cost?

Our goal is to offer individual courses for between $25-$75, depending on length and depth. The longer Earth-Centered Living Apprenticeship and Earthskills and Permaculture Leadership Programs will be much more extensive and will have higher price points.

When will the courses be ready?

We’ll be releasing the first courses in April, 2020. 

woman standing in garden with shovel


Becky Beyer

Becky started her crazy love affair with all things homesteading while growing up on a farm in central New Jersey. After getting her B.S. in Plant and Soil Science from the University of Vermont, she moved to Asheville, NC, to explore all the amazing work being done in this beautiful bioregion. She teaches spoon carvin ...

Chloe Lieberman

Chloe writes for Wild Abundance’s blog, newsletter, and website.  In addition, she cooks for some classes, teaches a few others, and jumps in to help out with management and strategy. These roles give her a welcome outlet for the knowledge and excitement she perpetually cultivates around land-based living and a positive future for the planet. ...

Laura Ruby

Laura earned her Permaculture Design Certificate in 2002 from Crystal Waters EcoVillage in Australia. Since then, she has been implementing permaculture systems on her own urban property in downtown Boulder, CO, and for her clients in the area. She recently moved to Western North Carolina and is designing and implementing a 56-acre Permaculture education center ...
Natalie Bogwalker

Natalie Bogwalker

Natalie is the visionary behind Wild Abundance, as well as a primary instructor for many classes. She’s passionate about teaching and sharing skills to help all kinds of people live in an empowered and Earth-centered way. Natalie and her family live at the Wild Abundance homestead campus in the Southern Appalachians. She balances her time ...

Luke Cannon

More than a botanist, Luke is a long-time pursuer and teacher of the magic and medicine of plants. His passion to study and understand the beautiful ecological intricacies of the natural world have led him throughout the Americas and across the globe. An avid naturalist, Luke draws from a diverse pool of knowledge, combining his ...

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